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Why Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

The reasons for choosing to spay or neuter your dog are to keep it from getting pregnant or impregnating another dog. Females get the spay surgery, which removes the ovaries and uterus, while a neuter surgery removes a male dog’s testicles.

These surgeries offer many health benefits and result in better behavior in your pet. Spaying is especially important if you don’t want to suddenly find yourself with a litter of puppies who need homes. These common sterilization surgeries will not change your dog’s temperament. Your dog will be just as playful, friendly, happy, affectionate and gentle as he or she was before undergoing the painless surgery.

Spaying and Neutering has many benefits. Other than simply preventing unwanted puppies, these surgeries could save your dog’s life.

Female Dogs:
A female who is spayed before her first heat has almost a zero chance of getting mammary gland cancer. After she experiences her first heat, the chance of developing mammary gland cancer drops to 7 percent and then to 25 percent after the second heat.

Spaying also prevents a common, life-threatening infection of the uterus called Pyometra. Usually middle-aged or older female dogs s will develop this infection about six weeks after a heat cycle. Should this happen, an emergency spay becomes a life-saving necessity.

One myth that needs to be put to rest is that spaying will cause your dog to enter into menopause. Dogs don’t ever go into menopause.

Male Dogs:
A male who is neutered has the benefit of prevention of some cancers of the testicles and anus. Neutering will also help prevent major prostate problems in males.

After neutering, male puppies change from young delinquents into well-behaved canines. With less testosterone hyping their little bodies, they become less aggressive and less likely to wander off searching for females in heat. They also become less likely to hump you or your visitors and are less likely to mark their spot on every bush and pole they come upon. They will still exhibit some of this behavior, but less of it.

Puppies can be spayed or neutered any time after they reach eight weeks of age. It is also perfectly safe to wait until just before your dog becomes sexually mature before having the surgery performed. Sexual maturity usually occurs around six months of age, depending on the breed.

Things to consider if you plan to spay or neuter your dog:
• Surgery is safer when your dog is young;
• Younger dogs have immature immune systems, which can become a problem if infections develop after surgery;
• If you want your male dog to be big and as masculine as possible, wait a little longer to neuter him. Otherwise have him neutered earlier;
• Females will also have a slightly more feminine look if spayed later.

There are already too many unwanted pets in the world; please spay or neuter your dog and don’t inadvertently add to the unwanted and unloved canine population.

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