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A message from the CEO
A message from the CEO

A Message From Better Health For Dogs CEO Jerry Hart…

“Giving you exactly what your pet needs to dramatically enhance the quality of their life, avoiding loss of mobility or even worse, their fate.”

At Better Health For Dogs we are SERIOUS about our long term relationship with you. and our community of dog lovers; helping dogs walk, run, play and sleep.

We’ve asked you digest the dog life saving message in our e book in exchange for your email address to get to know each other over time and learn your intentions.

Lets get real, one bottle is only the beginning to a long term lifestyle change you’re about to embark on with your sweet dog.

We know you have to try the product before YOU’LL BELIEVE with the ownership we have for saving dogs lives and stopping the pain they face everyday.

P.S. Congratulations for joining and for helping us get the word about Winston’s all natural and holistic product line.Our mission is to get the word out that Winston’s is a miracle product that goes that works directly with the dogs natural chemistry and optimize their health.

P.P.S. Your E-Book “FDA Approved” is on it’s way to your inbox. Inside it’s pages are the instructions to obtain your free bottle of Winston’s. Your dog will thank you for it.

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PROMOTION DISCLAIMER ***Only one order per household please. Multiple re orders will be charged full retail price and will not receive extra bonuses sold in this free offer.

Winston's Joint Formula
Disclaimer: We Here at BetterHealthForDogs.com know Winston’s Joint System and all other Winston’s Products are 100% safe for all breeds of dogs. We say Winston’s Joint System reverses the conditions related to hip dysplasia, osteochondritis (OCD), HOD, arthritis in your dog because we have something no other product on the market does. Our secret three part formula created from all natural, organic, holistic ingredients. We only use the best stuff on Earth in our products, don’t just take our word for it listen to what some of our customers have to say. If you’d like to hear more you can visit our blog at http://betterhealthfordogs.com/blog .
We are not an affiliate company although we do obeid by all of the recent FTC rules and changes for 2009-2010 new FTC a link to the ruling can be posted ruling can be found in our testimonial section of our blog listed above. In short the ruling for affiliate marketers is that you must state if you are e earning a commission for the information you share. A business that operates with affiliate marketing either by selling company products as an affiliate. Selling products as a company and hiring affiliates for promotion or any other type of creative monetization strategies on a website. We do use affiliates here at better health for dogs if you are interested in becoming one simply join here.

* Free Product Use Coupon Code GiveAway. Shipping and Handling Charges Apply.

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