Bone Meal For Dogs

Adding bone meal to a dog’s food will help support its digestion and maintain its good health. Bone Meal is a recommended supplement for dogs, puppies, and pregnant or nursing female dogs. It’s an excellent source of naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus.

Bone meal for dogs is packed with the calcium, phosphorous, protein and minerals that a dog needs for optimal health. Bone meal is manufactured from the crushed bones and hooves of slaughtered cattle and other animals used for human foods. The same bone meal is used in fertilizers, animal feed, gelatins, and glue.

Prior to the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalitis – (Mad Cow Disease), bone meal was used extensively as a human nutritional supplement, as well as in the animal feed industry. When Mad Cow Disease became widespread and well-known, it was no longer allowed to be used as an ingredient in human foods. But don’t be worried about feeding it to your dog. Dogs aren’t susceptible to Mad Cow Disease, so your dog can safely eat bone meal and benefit from its storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Bone meal contains phosphorous and many other beneficial minerals that help your dog absorb substances that provide nourishment, similar to what a plant does when it takes minerals from soil.

Bone Meal also contains calcium, which a dog needs for building strong bones and teeth. In addition to the calcium and other minerals, bone meal contains healthy fats and protein and is easy to mix with a dog’s food as a dietary supplement. Dogs have a greater need for calcium than humans do.

Bone meal can also help dogs with flatulence and diarrhea. Another excellent product for helping with flatulence and diarrhea is Winston’s Digest All, ideal for a dog with gas, bloating, or flatulence. It also works great for weight loss and overweight dogs can expect to lose an average of five pounds within the first two to three months.

When buying Bone Meal there are some precautions to take. Don’t buy Bone Meal from any garden department in big box stores or from any store aisle displaying garden supplies, because those Bone Meals contain toxic fertilizers which can poison your dog. Feed stores and pet stores are the best and safest places to buy Bone Meal intended for consumption by animals.

Check the labels to be sure the Bone Meal is made from USDA approved bovine bone and is certified free from heavy metal contaminants. Look for those guaranteed to be free from lead and other toxic components. There are several bone meals that are high in vitamin D which is a strict no-no for a dog.

Buy only Bone Meal supplements specially designed to fill all the dietary requirements a dog needs to stay healthy and happy.