How to Calm a Barking Puppy

If you have a new puppy that annoys you or your neighbors with its continual barking, you need to learn how to calm the barking puppy by starting to train it as soon as possible before it develops a barking habit that becomes very difficult to stop when it grows into an adult dog.

Barking may seem “cute” at first but soon becomes bothersome or even irritating. It usually indicates that there is an underlying problem with the dog that needs to be corrected before the barking will stop.

Most puppies bark to get attention. If you always give your puppy attention when it barks, you can be sure that the barking will continue. Don’t yell at your puppy in an attempt to stop its barking. Instead, talk to it but don’t pick it up or put your hand around its mouth, because all of these responses will be interpreted as a “reward” by your puppy.

It is more effective to simply stand still and ignore your dog, or leave the room. If you leave the room, do it quietly and close the door behind you. When your puppy quiets down, return and reward it with attention. This is the best way to calm a barking puppy.

A puppy needs to learn at a young age how to calm itself. You can help by showing it love when it’s calm but not when its making a fuss or barking from impatience. Make your puppy sit down and wait calmly before taking it out on a walk or before placing its food bowl in front of it.

A puppy will bark when it’s over-aroused and you’ll need to teach it when to be calm. If your puppy starts barking when you’re playing with it, take a break until it stops barking.

A puppy will also bark when it’s afraid. This indicates the need for more socialization. The reason for this type of barking is unfamiliar stimuli like fast moving cars or trucks, kids on skateboards, or finding itself in the midst of a group of other dogs or people. Don’t punish your puppy because of its anxiety, just learn to train it so it understands there is nothing to fear.

If your puppy barks a lot you can start and stop its barking on command. When your puppy is barking, say “speak” and praise the puppy. When it stops barking, say “stop” and reward it with a treat. You can easily practice these commands while playing with your puppy.

A barking puppy can be adorable at first, but when the barking becomes excessive, you need to start training your puppy to calm down and stop its barking. Your husband or wife, as well as nearby neighbors will genuinely appreciate it.