Success Stories

We’ve Helped Thousands of Dogs for Almost 30 Years

I recently referred one of my private clients (Murray & Karrie Lee) to Winston’s and the results with their dog, Lola, are absolutely miraculous! Lola could not walk up stairs or get on the bed, and was basically not acting like a 2+ yr old APBT.

Within 2 weeks she bounced into my studio with new vigor, and now runs zoomies around the house, and can run up and down the stairs in her home. She is like a new dog! Thank you for such an amazing product! I have since recommended your product to my vet (Dr. Shini at Maple Leaf Vet) and often rave about your products to my dog training students during class. You might want to send me some brochures for me to display in my studio.

Faith Hynoski CCS, IACP
Seattle DogWorks
Private Training & Behavior Solutions

Here is a picture of Blaze …swimming in the Animas River in Durango, Colorado.   We had so much fun that we are going back in September.  This wouldn’t be possible without your wonderful product.  Thank you Winston’s!!

Tina M. Harter
Manager, Office Administration/Executive Assistant to
Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

Just wanted to update you on how Abby is doing on the eve of her 12th birthday.  She has been on Winston’s since she was 6 months old and it was determined she had hip dysplasia.  Yesterday I took her to the vet for a check-up.  This vet uses chiropractics and acupuncture.  After an exam of Abby and an adjustment and acupuncture treatment (Abby’s first time for both) the vet told me what a great job we have done in managing Abby’s hips for a dog that has had problems all of her life.  She is starting to slow down a bit but still plays with our 18 month old spaniel.  She gets around very well.  I told the vet about the Winston’s she has been on.  She told me to keep her on it that she is doing great.  I hope we have Abby for a long time yet.  I see other goldens her age and they are very old dogs.  Except for Abby’s white face, you would never guess she was as old as she is.  Thanks so much for Winston’s.  I doubt Abby would be getting around anymore without it or worse that she would have been put down because she could not get around anymore.

Her regular vet that she has had all of her life also has told me how well Abby is doing and does not look at all like her age.

I’ve attached a picture of our girls from this summer.  Willow is the puppy on the left, Abby, and Maddie on the right.

Ellen Hierl
Sun Prairie, WI 

Our 13 yr old, female Corgi named Buffy has responded very well to Winston’s Joint System. In spite of being a little over-weight, she can now roll-over again (first time in 2 or more years). Her activity level has picked up tremendously. The response is equal to or even better then pharmaceuticals. Thank you.

Richard Porter, D.V.M.

“I couldn’t believe the results in my dog, TJ, a 16 year old Shih-tzu. I could tell he was feeling better! He had more energy and was more alert after two weeks on Winston’s Joint System Program. I highly recommend this superior product! I am keeping TJ on the program!”

Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.

Thank you for bringing Winston’s Joint System to the world! Our six year old Maltese, Mindy, was diagnosed with dysplastic hips last year. She was in pain, lethargic, and constantly held her right leg in the air. We wanted an alternative to surgery and anaesthesia; we also wanted something natural, and not animal tested. We decided your product was worth a try, and within three weeks, she was walking normally again. She’s happy and she can run and play again. Thanks ever so much.

P.S. We originally were going to try “cosequin” at our vets recommendation, after reading their pamplet, I threw the bottle away.

D. & K. Franke
Petpourri Ltd

We just wanted to let you know how fantastic Winston’s Joint System worked for our little dog. At six months old, we were told by our vet that Blanche would never live a normal life because of severe hip dysplasia which was advanced beyond her young age. We were absolutely devastated because she could barely walk and could not walk up the stairs. With this bad news from the vet, we had no idea what to do.

A good friend told us about your product and we immediately gave it a try. Following your directions for dosage, we put Blanche on the formula. The results were amazing. Within three days she showed signs of improvement such as reduced pain and some greater flexibility. By the one week point, our little dog was running, jumping and literally flying off the sofa. She was in essence, fully back to normal and has remained as such since March of 1996.

What more can I say? Your product really works!! Please feel free to offer my words of support to anyone who is considering using your formula for their dog.

J. R. Miles
Venice, California

Our dog Zanes’ hocks are very bad which I first noticed when he turned six months of age. His rear legs were so close together that he looked as if he had only one rear leg. I started using Winston’s Joint System when he turned 7 months old and after only 5 days, he began walking more normally, and after 2 months he was a completely new dog. I now give him the formula twice a day which he will stay on for the rest of his life.

D. Koser-Smith
Oregon City, OR

Our dog, Sampson, a 2 year old Great Dane, tested Winston’s Joint System this past two months with very positive results. He came to us from an animal shelter with a grotesque hip deformity, which we were never able to determine as congenital or the result of an injury. He was experiencing great pain and difficulty getting up and running. We noticed greater mobility within 3 weeks, his vet noticed a big improvement within a month, and his chiropractor confirmed major improvement after 2 months. Thank you so much

S. Brier
Woodland Hills, CA

When I ordered Winston’s Joint System our dog, Thunder was in real bad shape. He could no longer get up on his own, his back legs were too weak thus wehad to help lift his hind quarters with a belt 99% of the time when he needed to get up. He could hardly walk anymore and walking a distance of only 50 feet would cause him to pant and become extremely drained from the movement. I could no longer take him for any type of walk, basically once we traveled about 150 feet his legs would give out and he would drop to the ground. Nor could he stand on his feet for any duration of time, it would only take a couple of minutes of standing and he would become exhausted. (Also his bark was almost gone.)

I had noticed that he was no longer moving his body around while sleeping, I would bring him in at night and lay him down and would find him in the exact same position the next morning, his movement was basically null. His face had a very sick look to it. Everything about him was bad off, looked bad off and we feared the worse based on his overall condition since he was getting worse by the day……

On 11/19 I started using Winston’s Joint System. Followed your directions including the massages every morning prior to Thunder getting up. Over the next week his condition improved dramatically and the results were truly amazing. We look back to the morning of 11/21, only two days using Winston’s Joint System, and are astounded to realize what had happened that morning and the days to follow. On 11/21 Thunder woke me due to his barking. I ran downstairs and he was his feet and needed to go outside….I figured he must have to go real bad and he forced himself up. I let him out and ran back inside to grab a coat.

Well when I returned outside, only a few seconds later, expecting to find him within 20 feet of the door….I found he was gone!!! I finally located him about 250 feet away with him sniffing around checking everything out!!! I did not realize at that moment how things had changed. On 11/23 we noticed more improvements where he was getting up more on his own, his standing ability had improved dramatically and the shaking in his hind legs was reduced and continued to reduce even more as the days went on. After about 10 days using the formula, coupled together with using HyaFlex and Winston’s Senior Formula PetMulti, the results were even more unbelievable.

Thunder can now get up on his own. The initial shaking in the hind legs after standing is basically almost all gone. He can now walk up to 20 or 30 minutes at a time (if we allow him.) He can now bark again! Man, can he bark again!!!

His normal facial expressions are coming back and he is expressing himself like he did years ago way when he did not get his own way!! He can now lift his hind legs much better while walking and over obstacles. He no longer slips on a smooth floor. At times he evens now walks too fast for me and I have to jog along to keep up with him!!! We even seen him gallop a few times over the past week, getting excited and becoming spunkyand frisky again.

We also found him playing in the snow the other day, laying on his back wiggling his hind quarters back and forth, sliding down the hill the kids sleigh ride on. The other day he actually was driving me nuts, he must of wanted to go outside at least 12 times, getting up on his own and going to the door with serious barking basically demanding for me to let him out. And actually his eyesight has also improved thanks to the Winston’s PetMulti tabs we are giving him.

Overall what has happened to our Thunder simple words cannot describe. His condition is so much better one could consider it a miracle and Gods work but I know that this list of outstanding improvements ALL started once he started to receive Winston’s Joint System. Your product is incredible and truly outstanding, and I cannot begin to thank you enough for the improvement in life you have given our pet and the joy you have brought back to our household.

Francis (Butch) McCardle
Z Series MES/PILOT Test Team Leader

Jake is a purebred Labrador retriever. We got him when he was 3 months old. He was a very big pup. Very quickly we noticed that he was a little clumsier than expected but since we had never owned a purebred dog before and really couldn’t judge, we didn’t worry much.

When Jake was 7 months old we took him in for neutering, shots, chip and basic check-up. We told the vet that we were concerned because Jake was still refusing to jump into the back of our station wagon even though he was a very, very large, 75 lb. puppy. In fact, when he tried to jump in he cried. The vet said it was just growing pains and that they might be a little more severe for a dog that was growing so large, so fast.

I rotated his diet giving him several of the most expensive and pure dry foods I could find thinking maybe he was sensitive to something he was eating. I also started giving him supplements of MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, fish and seed oils and quercetin. Those things did help a little, but not for long. He got worse and worse to where he refused to play, and was limping badly.

About six months after that first visit we took him back to the vet because we were really getting concerned. He had begun to cry when playing and even when he opened his mouth to eat. The vet still said that it was growing pains and gave us a prescription for Rimaydl. He also injected something for pain. We were uncomfortable with the care we were getting and didn’t refill the prescription. I continued the supplements.

By the time he was 13 months old Jake was an 100 lb. unhappy dog. He was also showing some signs of hot spots on his skin and he was developing leathery, hairless patches of skin on either side of his tail and on his underside around his rib cage. We took him back to the vet and ordered a full body x-ray. The x-ray showed that he had ankylose arthritis throughout most all his joints and myocitis in his jaw. The vet said there was nothing to be done but keep him on anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. I wasn’t ready to do that yet to such a young dog. I was concerned about liver damage.

About 4 months after the x-ray was taken we took Jake to a holistic veterinarian who strongly recommended that we put him on a raw meat diet, and that we continue with the supplements plus adding to them some that she recommended. We did just that and he improved quite a bit. He became more playful, though limited, and he stopped crying when opening his mouth. His skin seemed to fluctuate; showing problems for a few weeks and then clearing up for a few weeks.

That went on for another couple of years. He seemed basically ok, just a little troubled once in a while. We were satisfied thinking that was as good as it would get. Then his health went downhill. He started holding up his left rear paw, using only 3 legs to walk. He wouldn’t play and his skin got worse. Naturally, the lifted leg became atrophied and his right rear leg was getting weak. We were seriously wondering if we would end up having Jake either euthanized or put on drugs.

When Jake turned 4 years old, Kathy, at Exclusive Pet Food, told me about a supplement program called Winston’s Joint System and gave me the phone number of the Pet Project. I called and spoke to Sam who listened to my story and had me purchase a supply of Winston’s Joint System, some hyaluronic acid liquid, and an oil blend. Within 2 months of starting Winston’s Joint System Jake was standing on his atrophied leg which was still very weak.

After 4 months he was running on it and chasing the ball, even entering into competition with my other 2 large dogs. He wasn’t able to play for long, but he took care of himself, sitting down when he was tired. His hot spots completely disappeared, the leathery patches have become much smaller and softer and his coat is beautifully shiny.

It’s been 5 months since Jake’s been on Winston’s Joint System. He isn’t show dog perfect, but he is a very happy, playful big boy. He gets 2 lbs of raw meat every day into which I simply put the capsules, Hyaflex and nutritional oil blend. His legs, though slightly bowed from poor early development, are both strong, and have good muscular development. I only wish I had put him on this program when he was 3 months old; he might have developed a more healthy body from the beginning. I can’t say enough in praise of Winston’s Joint System. Because of it Jake will probably live a long, healthy life without the side affects of drugs.

Annie Waugh-Boring

I am writing this to thank you for your Winston’s Joint System. January 28, 2006, I took our 7 month old Golden Retriever to the vet. He diagnosed him with hip dysplasia and since he was so young, and had grown so rapidly, weighing 67 pounds, told me that we should consider having him “put down” Needless to say I was heartbroken, and decided to go on the internet to see if there was anything out their that I could try.

On Sunday, the 29th, I came across your web site, and placed a phone call. Some very kind doctor picked up, telling me that normally he was not in the office on Sunday, but listened to my story. I ordered a two months supply of your formula, and within a little more than two weeks noticed a big difference in Kobi. Now he runs, plays, and can get around so much better. Every day you can see an improvement.

I just wanted to say thanks, and I will continue to use your formula, and in the meantime change vets!!!

Thank you so much, and we will be forever grateful.

Ann Emerick

Your Winston’s Joint System is a miracle cure! Our 12 year old English Setter, Chief, was diagnosed with severe joint degeneration of the left elbow several years ago. We have been treating him with accupunture and glycoflex. Several months ago his condition worsed and we started him on Rimadyl and MSM. For a short while we saw some improvement. Six weeks ago his condition declined rapidly. He was in a great deal of pain and would not bear weight on his left front limb. He would cry out in pain and needed to be carried up and down all steps. We increased his accupunture to twice a week with only moderate results.

We tried him on a chewable shark cartilage treats, but he would not eat the treats. One day he would appear better and the next he would be three legged again. I took him in for radiographs and his veterinarian said his joint showed more degeneration. Even I could see that the joint space was completely obsured by bony growth. The vet forwarded the xrays to an orthopedic specialist. In the mean time, my husband and I were frantic with concern over our old dog. We called in our animal comunicator, Patty Summers, she spoke to Chief and he let her know he was in a great deal of pain but he was not ready to give up the fight. That evening I got on the internet and found your product. We ordered a 3 month supply immediately.

Meanwhile we continued with his medications and took up an active schedule of cold laser therapy and magnetic therapy. Our results were not remarkable. Winston’s Joint System arrived April 18th, 1997. We immediately started Chief on the formula. Within 5 days we saw a slight improvement. By the 10th day Chief jumped into the Surburban and onto the bed, he even climbed the steps to my office. Both of these things the dog had not done in over 6 months. He continued feeling better each day and has begun to run around the yard with his 6 offspring. His runs are short and he is still not 100% sound but he bears full weight on his left leg and carries his tail high.

As of today, Chief has been on Winston’s Joint System for a little over 3 weeks. This morning he jumped into bed at 6:00 am. After a hearty breakfast he was off to the surburban for a ride to the barn. At the barn he hopped out of the surburban and walked out to check fences and cattle with me. He even chased a fox down a short fence line. He returned a very happy but tired dog after his 30 minute romp. This afternoon I recieved a response from the orthopedic specialist. I quote from my Veterinarian’s notes. ” He suggested that arthrodesis is the best choice however not really 100 percent satisfactory but clients feel that post arthrodesing patient feels better. The other alternative is amputation .

Specialist will keep the rads unless clients do not plan to go see Specialist.” Needless to say I called my veterinarian and asked her to have the radiographs returned to her office from the Specialist. We no longer would consider surgery. Our good friend and veterinary accupucturist/chiropractor, Dr. Steven Dill, is coming to the house to see Chief tommorrow. We are not even sure continued accupucture is necessary. Chief is getting along extremely well. I can’t thank you enough for your product. I’m passing all your information along to Dr. Dill and my “medical” Veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Kicherer at the Madison Companion Animal Hospital. I will recommend your product to anyone who can benefit from it. Thank you for giving our wonderful old special ” friend in a fur coat” another chance in life.

Lindy Sandford

My little dog Piper, a min pin, has a disc problem in her back. She was so bad that she couldn’t even stand up. I had taken her for acupuncture treatments which helped a little, steroids and Rimadyl, which helped only for a couple of days. I even considered putting her down, but she is only 8 years old and has been my life all this time. You could say I was desperate. I started giving Piper Winston’s Joint System on October 31, 1997. After the first week, she was standing and has more confidence in herself. This second week she is walking and wanting to play with me and my other dog Brody. Even if she doesn’t get any better than this, it has been wonderful, but I can see her geting better and stronger with each passing day.

Karen Merritt

Simon has almost completed three full months on the formula. Other than a few days in October when he limped badly, he has done excellent. I feel that the limping at that time was due to a body slam by one of his kennel girls or because he stepped in a hole or something. Obviously, that foot is a weak point, but he improved in a few days and has done great ever since. Thanks for all your help!

Pat Woodfin

Sable seems to be doing very well on the formula. She has had knee surgery twice, with the most recent being done in January. The surgeon remarked that she now has very little arthritis in the knee from the first surgery and she also seems to be rebounding much quicker this time around. I believe that this is due to her being on the formula this time during the surgery and now in recovery. We both thank you. Please send me another months supply.

Todd Greenawald
Allentown, PA

This note is to tell you how happy I am with the improvement in my sixteen year old Beagle’s arthritis since I started her on Winston’s Joint System. Before Winston’s, she was on cosequin and carprofen. She slept all day, and when she did try to walk, she limped severely due to the pain in her right shoulder. When I started her on Winston’s, the first thing I noticed was that the limping was less. Now, it’s gone, and she’s awake a lot more of the time. She even runs a bit now–something she hasn’t done in years. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.

Jay Taub
Fair Oaks, Ca.

I recently purchased a two month supply of Winston’s Joint System, and within less than a week, my little poodle, Petey, was getting along much better, leading me on our walks again instead of limping along and lagging behind. His problem is shoulder and knee pain and stiffness. It is so wonderful to see him begin to be his little self again.

Billie Brown

I have a cairn terrier, age 8, who has a luxated patella.The only time I noticed a problem was after extreme running, and at that, he only would limp for a minute when he gets up. He also had a click when he walked. I’ve had him on Winston’s Joint System for two months, and I’ve not seen any limping and the click seems to have gone away.

I have a friend who’s dog is extremely arthritic, and I’ve gotten her to order it also to try. Thank you for a great product!

James Lunnie

We started our 12 year old collie, MacKenzie, on Winton’s formula approximately one month ago. At that time, Macky was having considerable pain, and we were giving him two aspirins a day. On bad days we would switch to Rimadyl. Aspirin seems to help, and Rimadyl is even better, but it takes one to two days to kick in. Our vet diagnosed him with arthritis about two years ago. On good days he can still get up on the couch, but I have to carry him up the stairs each evening. It has been about six months since he could do the stairs.

Winston’s seems to be helping! For the past week he has been off aspirin completely. He is walking very well. He still struggles with the couch, but he is able to get up on it most of the time. Yesterday, he thought long and hard but decided not to try the stairs. He had had a long day with three goldens visiting and his brother, a 7 year old collie, all running around having fun. I just ordered two more months supply. At this time I am cautiously optimistic.

Ed Bauer

Please send us another month supply of your formula. Our German Shepard Baron has had great results! Thank You.

David, Jane and Baron Laut

I have a female German shepherd who is now 1 year and 2 months old. Ever since she was 10 weeks old, she has been a very active dog. She loves to run, play, and chase animals. When Forest (that’s her name) turned a year old, I noticed that she was having trouble walking. Her left hip seemed to be bothering her a great deal. We went to the Vet to see what was the problem. The Vet said that her hips grew too fast for the rest of her body. They “reassured” me that this is very common among German Shepherds. Well, this did not make me feel any better. The Vet advised me to walk her on a leash for the next 2 months and maybe this problem will go away.

This was very disturbing. For 2 weeks I walked Forest on a leash, gave her new food, and tried to keep her from jumping. I did not see a difference. My little girl, who loved to run at least 1-2 miles a day, was confined to walking on a leash. It was hard to see this happen at such a young age. I asked my friend who is a nutritionist about what I should do. She was not familiar with “hip” problems in dogs, but she said she would do some research. The next day she called me. She looked on the Internet and found something that she felt may be helpful. She told me about the Winston’s Joint System. I called the number she gave me and talked with the gentleman about Forest and her hip problem. He told me a little about the product and the results that this product had on other dogs. I decided to try it.

Forest started the program April 4, 1998. 1 started to see an improvement in her ability to walk in just 1 week. Forest has been taking the formula for 2 months now. She is back to her active self again. No more walking her on a leash. She’s running and playing once again. Forest has two cousins (a black lab and another German shepherd) that she runs with occasionally. She can outrun both of them. I am very pleased with the results the Winston’s Joint System Winston’s Joint System has had on Forest. I recommend this product to any owner who has a dog with the same kind of problem. Thank you for your help.

Elliot J. Poole

I’ve only tried Winston’s Joint System for a month, but it is definitely helping my 13 year old German Shepherd who has severe hip dysplasia. She couldn’t even stand up a month ago, and is now at least able to get in and out of the house by herself, instead of having to be carried out. I hope to see some more improvement, which is why I was concerned that my last re-order might have been delayed. I don’t want her to be without it for any length of time, so that this terrific supplement will have every chance to help her.

Susan Baer

My dog’s name is Sam. I resuced him from the pound and the vet says he is probably around 12 years old. He’s partially deaf and has fewer teeth than he did as a pup. The arthritis in his hind legs was so severe that he could not jump on the couch. I used Winston’s Joint System for a month and thought that he was improving, he could manage the couch. I went on vacation for a week and did not want the friend who was keeping him to struggle with giving him the pills. When I returned I noticed that he was limping again and not as frisky. So we are back on the formula again and he is doing great! Thanks for sharing this with all of us pet lovers out there that look for a holistic approach to pet health care. I would like to place an order for another two month supply.

Karen Leitch & Sam

About 10 weeks ago, our 8 year old , Babe, could not get up by herself and could barely walk. Since we have been giving her your formula, she can now move around on her own and can even use the three stairs to get out into her yard. She has been diagnosed with severe arthritis in her spinal column. Winston’s Joint System has greatly improved her condition!

Tom and Joan Lacey

I have been giving this formula to Petey, my small gray poodle, a 7-year-old and he is now back to being just a kid again. Before taking your product, it was all he could do to get up and down stairs. Actually, he even fell down a short flight as his front legs and shoulders just couldn’t hold him – too much pain. He is now running up and down the stairs, chasing his ball and having a good doggy time once again. It was so hard for me to see my little best friend doing so poorly. Now he’s wonderful once more. Thank You!

Billie Brown

I wanted to give you a status on my dog on your Winston’s Joint System. I have an 81/2 year old Alaskan Malamute (90 lbs.) that was diagnosed with hip displaysia at 3 yrs. old (showed up on an x-ray along with minor arthritis, also). She is now doing very well showing minimal signs of the problem. I started her, about 6 months ago, on Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosomine. I had her on aspirin for about a month and a half. I started her on your stuff on two months ago and took her off the aspirin 2 weeks into the treatment. I took her off of the other supplements when I started her on Winston’s.

The most visible sign I experienced with her was last year. She jumped into our Tahoe just fine when we left the house. Took her to a hike and bike trail and walked her 4 miles. She had trouble jumping back in after the walk and seemed a bit stiff. When I helped her by pushing on her back end, she yelped as her hips were obviously sore.

After being on Winston’s for about 6 weeks (and no aspirin) I just walked her on that trail again. Again, she had no problem getting into the truck at the house. After the walk, she didn’t seem very stiff and her first attempt at jumping into the truck, she missed, but she had a lot more energy about it. I let her try again, and without helping her, she got right in! If she continues like this, I feel real good about the fact that she may never have full blown hip displaysia, or at least not until she is very old. At 81/2, she still is like a puppy! I would like to order another month’s supply.

Liz Dundov
Austin, TX

My 10-year-old beagle, Bernie, was diagnosed as having a compressed lumbar disk on May 23, 1998. It could not be determined if it was an acute problem or a chronic degenerative one. Bernie could not use his hind legs and was in extreme pain. He was treated in the veterinary hospital with three days of steroids in large doses to bring down the swelling around his spinal cord.

We were told there was no other treatment available, other than surgery which was not warranted until his condition worsened in the future. We were also told that Bernie could relapse at any time, or he could improve, and there was nothing that could be done but wait.

With this uncertain prognosis, I began to search the Internet for information about disk problems in dogs, and came upon Winston’s Joint System. At this point I felt there was nothing to lose by trying it, so I immediately ordered a three-month supply. In short, Bernie began to show slow steady improvement in using his hind legs. In approximately one month he was able to walk again and after two months you could not tell he ever had a problem! He is now running and playing entirely without pain or restriction. We are convinced that without Winston’s Joint System he would not have fully recovered. It has now been four months since starting Bernie on the formula, and he will remain on a maintenance dose indefinitely.

Also of interest is that for about one year Bernie had conjunctivitis that no medication would clear up. We noted immediate improvement in this as soon as he was started on the Formula, and there has been no recurrence since!

We have recently started another beagle, Bonnie, on Winston’s Joint System. She had to have repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. It’s still too soon to tell, but we are very hopeful about her prognosis on this Formula.

I believe that Winston’s Joint System could be a valuable adjunct to veterinary medicine, not replacing veterinary care, but enhancing it. Viewing Winston’s Joint System, or any other natural supplement, as a threat to the practice of veterinary medicine is ludicrous. The benefits of nutritional supplements are now widely accepted in the treatment of human disease–why not in animals?

Darelle Coupland
Pearblossom, CA

I wanted to drop you a quick E-mail to let you know that I am amazed with the results of your Winston’s Joint System. My black lab’s name is Retha, she is 12 years old and weighs between 70-75 lbs. We began your program in August of this year and in September she suffered a bout with Vestibular syndrome. Fortunately, she has made about a 95% recovery from that situation. I continued your formula while nursing her back to health and have also continued her Rymadyl all through this.

She is now as or more mischievous than she was as a pup. We have 3 stairs she must negotiate to get to our backyard. Before, she would simply not go. Now, she bounds down the stairs with us to the yard so as not to miss a party. Additionally, her coat is as soft and beautiful as any fine mink coat you could purchase. I am so happy I found you on the internet. I want her remaining years to be happy and pain free. She is my child and the center of our world and I am thrilled with her progress. Keep up the good work!!

Patricia McCauley

I have the Neapolitan Mastiff, General, that was taking the Winstons Formula for a shoulder injury. Just an update to let ya know he is doing great with no sign of a limp or wiggle! He has been off the formula for about 11/2 to 2 months now. We went to our first show last weekend and he won best of breed puppy all three days of the show!! I am thinking of starting him back on the formula and use it as a maintence. As he is still growning so fast I want to keep those joints protected! He now stands 29″ at the shoulder and weighs 150lbs!! Just turned a year old on November 17, 98.

I gave your Winstons formula info to another breeder who has neos and he wants to refer it to an owner of a puppy he knows that had a rear hip injury. I highly recommended your product and he can’t wait to try it. I mailed him a copy of your info papers with your email address and phone number on it. So you should be hearing from him shortly. I will also be sending your information papers to a main Neo breeder who is also a vet, as I was told she is always looking for good things that help the joints especially that have worked on Neos! Thanks again for all your help and time and especially answering all my questions so well. And mostly for getting my General back up and running—literally!!

Kimberly J. Nunez

You can add us to what is probably a long list of more than satisfied customers. Kim Nunez got us a months supply and it worked wonderfully on our 155lb. Neo bitch. We would like to order a two months supply for her.

Fran Layton

Nickie is improving more and more each day, and I been only giving her 50% of the recommended dose a day. She plays more and is running a lot more with the new pup. I will start giving her the full set a day now. Please send me a 2 months supply.

Miriam Maure

I’m so pleased with Winston’s Joint System. It’s like a miracle in dogdom. My lab Ginger has been on the formula for only ten days, and she went from pulling herself around by her front legs, to walking small distances with me helping her up the steps, to walking kinda shaky on all fours, to today where she can walk across the yard without stopping to rest.

She is now walking easily on all four legs, a little stiff, but she is really coming along! I hope all the people in Florida know about this product; there are so many dogs here. Owners should really be informed about dear ole Winston’s Joint System. I will definitely be in touch as she progresses. Lots of luck and thanks for the miracle.

Jan Whelpley

KC Lou is a Black Lab mix that we got from the Humane Society. She was diagnosed about five months ago with hip dysplasia and a luxated patella. The vet recommended two different operations (totaling $3,000) without suggesting that we try alternatives first. I learned about that, as well as about Winston’s Joint System, on the Internet — and we decided it was worth a try. (Not only do we NOT have that kind of money, we don’t want to put KC Lou through any more than we have to, since she is a shelter dog.)

Anyway, she’s been on Winston’s for a couple months now and we’ve seen noticeable improvement in motions involving her hip and knee. She was having some trouble with steps and jumping, and now she hardly ever does. I don’t like giving her aspirin very often, and the Winston’s seems to keep that from being necessary. I am so glad to have found it, because KC is only 11/2 years old and it’s sad to see her in pain. Thanks again for your generous offer. I really appreciate you caring like that for KC Lou (and so does she!). Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

Susan Orr

I would like to re-order a two months supply of Winston’s Joint System for Astro, my 90 lb German Shepard. As an update: Astro is doing much better. He is still finishing the 50 day supply of Rimadyl I had on hand when he started Winston’s. As you suggested, I will stop the Rimadyl when the supply runs out (about 15 more days). At that time he will be on Winston’s solo and I am anxious to see results. So far so good! Thank you again.

Lou Filippelli

The joint formula is working great. George, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is not limping anymore and we will be taking him back to check the x-rays again in 2 months. We just finished the first four months. Thanks.

Jan Whelpley

Thank you so much for having a product like this available!! I had begun to notice that my ‘active’ 3 year old Rottie Archie was slowing down. He wasn’t keeping up with his brother in their gallops around the yard. He also had a hard time switching from side to side when he was laying down. The vet had diagnosed him with moderate dysplaysia in the right hip. I tried looking many places to find something that would relieve his pain and allow him to run around like he used to. I found many different drugs and vitamin type supplements available.

As soon as I read about Winston’s Joint System, I was amazed with all the good feedback. I decided to try it out and I noticed a difference within 3 weeks. Archie wanted to play more often and he wasn’t having a hard time getting up or shifting from side to side! His condition requires surgery and I hope to continue using this formula to help with the healing process. I will give you an update after his surgery. Please send me another two month supply….Thanks!!!

Michelle, Bill, Archie & Roscoe

Thank you so much for Winston’s Joint System. Our 9 year old poodle Rosie started having problems with her right shoulder (kept slipping out of joint) in late October 1998. By Christmas she was walking around on three legs 100% of the time. An orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery to correct her problem with a 70% chance of success and no guarantee that the same problem would not occur again. Rosie also lost most of her body hair when she was two years old. Our veterinarian suspected and discovered that she did have a thyroid problem, however, after taking thyroxin for the last 6 or 7 years her thyroid level is normal but she’s still bald.

Since mid May 1999 she has been on Winston’s Joint System. She is now walking and running on all fours about 95% of the time, she is also more active and about a week and a half after starting the formula her hair started growing back. We will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you again

Angie & Jerry Kellner

Please enter my re-order for a 2-month supply of Winston’s Joint System. My dog is a 65-pound mixed breed retriever. She has been on WJF for 4-6 months for hip dysplasia and it has made a remarkable difference. In fact, I’m thinking her progress lulled me into thinking she was well. I didn’t reorder when the last supply ran out, being in the middle of a move. I thought I would get Skye started again once we were well-settled. In the three weeks, however, she has chewed two huge hot spots into her hip and tail areas.

She doesn’t have fleas, and I couldn’t figure out why she kept chewing at her hip area. Now it has occurred to me – confirmed by research at alternative vet sites on the web today – that she may be in pain and that is her way of trying to get at it. Her temperament is such that she would bear it without complaint. Obviously, I want to get her back on WJF as soon as possible, and I’m giving her ibuprofen for any pain. I assume that is better than putting her back on Rimadyl. She is limber and moves without apparent pain since starting on WJF, but something is bothering her.

Kathie Anderson

Please send me another order. My lab is doing great now, I will send you a letter soon on her miraculous progress. Sure glad it worked, I was so upset when she let out a yelp and went down it looked like for good. Thanks again for your wonderful Winstons formula.

Jan Whelpley

I have a 12 year old Sheltie named Alf. Alf suffered from hip pain and stiffness. I started using Winston’s Joint System one year ago and have seen tremedous improvement in Alf’s mobility. I feel very fortunate and thankful that I found your formula. Thank you.

Denise Carson

My shepard-lab mix “Hobo” is now 17 years old. He has been on Winston’s Joint System since June and has greatly improved since then (now October). He has arthritis (OCD) in his hips and his right leg. I searched frantically for something to help him when his right leg began cramping and curling up. He also had a severe problem with his skin, raw spots on his armpits, back, feet and belly.

Well, he doesn’t have a skin problem anymore, nor does his hind feet cramp. His condition was explained to me by a vet: to slowly or quickly deteriorate. Well, he has gotten so much better and has remained with no declining since. I cannot thank you enough for helping my dog. I am so grateful for the second chance Winston’s Joint System has given him.

Mike Ferguson

With this communique, I would like to place a re-order of Winston’s Joint System. Please send a 3 months supply for my dog Bailie. Thank you so much for this product. I was in a state of depression when Bailie’s back legs completely collapsed in September. When the vet said there was nothing else he could do for her, I was at a loss as to where to go for help. Bailie has made a remarkable comeback since being on the formula. She is now able to get up and walk short distances, and with minimal help, she can now get up into the car and a up few steps within the house. I have taken her off Rimadyl completely and she seems to be more alert with way more energy. Thanks for this “miracle” formula.

Lori Lamm

Sorry to take a little while to get back to you regarding Maggie’s progress. She seems to have stabilized and is certainly much better when on Winstons. She does not limp as much and “seems” to be in less pain. Thanks once again for the prompt and efficient service.

Mark Amory

We ran out of Winston’s Joint System and I didn’t want a week to lapse without my dog taking it. My Rottweiller, Kent, has made tremendous progress since he has been taking it. We are so grateful. Thank you for overnighting it to me.

Hillary & Kent DeVere

I can’t even begin to thank you for saving my dog’s life. He is now walking around again, healthy and happy, after just a month on Winston’s Joint System. After having gone to three vets and being told he would probably have to be put to sleep, this is like a miracle. You’ve given me a few more years with my beloved pet. Thank you so much!

Christine Evans

After less than a week, our 12 year old Norwegian Elkhound has made a tremendous improvement. Being skeptical in nature, I initially ordered only a 1 month supply. Now, I’m placing an order for 3 months so she won’t run out. I’m a true believer.

Denise Camp

My dog, Anthony Boy, a Labrador Retriever, was 12 years old and a little overweight (73 pounds) when he began experiencing noticeable arthritic symptoms. He would limp or drag a rear paw. He had stopped going upstairs to my office and would fall up the stairs on the few attempts he made. I took him to my vet, who gave him an injection of cortisone and put him on a diet. My first shipment of Winston’s Joint System arrived just as the effects of the cortisone were beginning to wear off. I noticed an improvement after one week. After two months, he began going upstairs again.

For the next two years Anthony Boy continued on the Formula and maintained a weight of 65 pounds. He was walking, running and jumping for most of that time. At age 15, he began to slow down a bit. He stopped going up steep staircases, but he continued to jump up on the couch and to run around full of energy, at times. When he died last week, he was 15 years 8 months old, and he had had a very good quality of life until then. I am really grateful for the extra 21/2+ years I had with my dog; I am convinced that it would not have been possible without your product. I hope that many other dogs will have the opportunity to benefit from it.

Andrea Georgiev

I’ve been out of the pills for about a week. Shame on me. I have noticed that she started whining a little this morning. However, overall, there was a definite improvement in her overall demeanor. After a couple of weeks on the pills, we found her up on the couch. She has not climbed up there in over 3 or 4 years. That was a “bad” thing that we were very happy to see. After giving her the “medicine” in the morning, we started “hiding” some biscuits under her pillows. She gets really excited about “finding” them.

She seems to be more playful, smiles alot and has stopped the excessive whining. We do not know exactly how old she is….maybe 12? She’s never been very active. She never runs around or chases balls. I don’t think her previous owners took much time with her. But she is the sweetest thing and all the kids in the neighborhood love her. We thank you for your product and will hope to see continued improvement. She has been on the program for 2 months.

Barbara Ihle

I would like to order more Winstons formula. My dog Ginger is doing so well, she even jumps up in the front room window to let me know she wants to come in. I love the formula, it took a long time for her, she was totally down, couldn’t walk at all. She is eight years old.The other dog is a golden retiever nine years old. She has a hard time pulling herself up, but I hope this will work. It seems to be making a big improvement..

Janet Whelpley

A year ago, our dog, Shadow, a 6-year old Shari-Pei (who looks like a Chow–long hair, no wrinkles), was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. First treatment that was tried–steriods. Great results until the dose was used up. The vet’s next recommendation–put her on a medicine that could cause liver damage if used for any length of time. NO THANK YOU. That’s when I went searching for a natural remedy, and that’s when I found Winston’s Joint System. We started Shadow on twice a day dosage in June, 1999.

Before Winston’s, Shadow would try to get up from a laying position 5 or 6 times. Then her movements were very slow. After about 4 months, she had no trouble getting up and getting around. This past February, we reduced her dosage to once a day with no significant change. She enjoys keeping birds and squirrels out of our backyard as well as her daily dose of rough housing with us (which includes leaping onto the sofa). This old gal may be almost 7 years old; but with Winston’s, she’ll never tell! Thanks so much for a great product. Shadow and I are grateful we found you.

Pam Murphy
Richardson, Texas

Lucy’s doing very well..I’ll be lowering her to a maintenance dosage to once a day…she’s been on the twice a day for 4 months now…and she has shown an overall improvement in movement and she seems to recover faster after a strenuous day. Thanks for checking in.

Andy Brown

I would like to order another supply of Winston’s Joint System. We have been using it for our Lab and Dalmatian, they have had a significant improvement in their mobility and comfort. Charlie, the Dal, was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. Annie, the Lab, likes to chase tennis balls and it becomes obvious when she’s overdone the chase game. Thanks for your help!

Kenneth Webb

We still love that Winston’s Joint System. It’s time for me to place another order for 3 month supply for my setters. We have an 11 year old setter and a 9 year old setter on Winston’s. The 11 year old is doing much better thanks to Winston’s. He was just getting stiff from old age. He now thinks he is an 8 year old. Queenie is our other setter on Winston’s. She had surgery after an automobile accident. She is better on Winston’s.

Lindy Sanford
Arrowpoint Farm

Just to let you know, with the past 2 month order, Hobbes has improved dramatically. We wound up taking him to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan to have his hips checked again, and they found that he had a torn ligament in his knee. His hips are quite bad after looking at the xrays. We had the ligament repaired and a week later he was getting around quite well, although we have to keep him restricted for 12 weeks. His leg seems fine now and his hips don’t seem to bother him – EVEN in the morning. The joint formula works great!!!!! I would like to order another 2 month supply.

Greg Hembroff
High Prairie, Alberta, Canada

The puppy is improving daily. I’m hoping she will have a full recovery. Thanks ever so much for your wonderful formula!

Tracey Higgin

Our dog seems to be doing beautifully. The improvement has been pretty gradual, but it is becoming more obvious. She is now moving her back legs independently of one another when going up and down stairs. We are going to keep her on it and hopefully, see even greater improvements. Thanks for you help!

Michelle Cook

My dog, Sara, is a 9 year old Rottie and has diabetes requiring 2 shots of insulin daily. She developed severe hip problems and possible spinal complications about 3 months ago. Her vet suggested possibly surgery on her spine (with no guaranteed results and possibly fatal due to her age and diabetes) which I declined to have done. Sara was then put on etogesic for pain which provided minimal relief. She is just finishing up her first month’s supply of Winston’s Joint System.

I hesitated ordering more because her mobility was worsening and I was very seriously considering euthanasia because she weighs 90 lbs. and I could not carry her up and down stairs to get to the yard. She has dramatically improved in the past 3 days! She is now going up and down the steps to the yard without hesitating and is asking to go out frequently – I was having to coax her to go twice a day.

The weakness is still there but not as severe as it was just a week ago. The pain relief that Winston’s provided her was obvious within 3 days! She no longer cries out with pain and is much more alert than when she was on the etogesic. I quit giving her the etogesic after 3 days of Winston’s Joint System. Sara and I both thank you for your wonderful Winston’s Joint System! I am now cautiously optimistic that Sara and I may enjoy some more time together.

I will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you again and please rush another month’s supply, she is almost out. I will enthusiastically recommend Winston’s Joint System to everyone that has a dog suffering from joint related disease. I was very skeptical when I ordered but became a believer as soon as I saw the pain relief it gave to Sara when nothing else had worked. Thank you again.

Joyce Bruce

Let me tell you that Niko looks and jumps like a puppy now. I am so happy to see him back to normal. Thanks so much. You have sent me the formula twice already. Could you please send me more and let me know how long should I keep giving it to Niko? Thanks again.

Elena Potter

Please send another two months supply of Winston’s. Craig (14 year golden) has his bull-headed stubborn attitude back – (now that is a good thing). He still has his limp but limps faster. He doesn’t seem to require as much sleep and appears way more alert. There is definitely an attitude improvement and a physical one too. I would like to keep him on the formula. Thank you.

Bonnie Simons

My dog’s artificial hip was removed, and he now has no hip at all. Since starting on your formula, he has gone from being totally crippled to walking almost a mile a day. He’s almost a hundred pounds and I’m amazed at how well he continues to do. Thanks ever so much. Your product is a miracle!

Susan Magliato

What can I say, my 13 year old Afgan is walking better each day with the help of Winston’s Joint System. What a miracle product! My girl is enjoying her life more and now walks with no limp. I must re-order another month supply. Thanks for the miracle.

Valerie Mackett

Lucy’s doing very well..I’ll be lowering her to a maintenance dosage to once a day…she’s been on the twice a day for 4 months now…and she has shown an overall improvement in movement and she seems to recover faster after a strenuous day. Thanks for checking in.

Andy Brown

I have noticed a big difference already in Roxi… she gets up more quickly and doesn’t cry when she gets up. Wow, you have no idea how good this is for us. As she is only 18 months old I was starting to look at the possibility of her not being with us much longer due to the pain she was suffering. Please send me 2 more months supply of Winston’s. Again, thank you so much.

Marilyn Turton

I have been a long time customer using Winston’s Joint System for our 12 year old Belgium Shepherd who was diagnosed earlier this year with hip dysplasia. Your product has really helped. Max has increased mobility and is again eager to walk.

Just recently started using Hyaflex, with some pretty amazing results. Max appears to be less stiff, his coat is looking much shinier and softer too.

With the use of these two compounds, I have decided to stop using the NSAID Metacam, that was prescribed by our Vet. It helped with the joint inflammation, but had the nasty side effect of raising Max’s liver enzyme levels, which could eventually lead to liver failure. We still take him to the vet, but for now, no more Metacam.

I would like to place an order for more Winston’s Joint System and another bottle of Hyaflex.

Thank You!!

Paul Dino

I wanted to touch bases with you regarding Buffey, who had been given the diagnosis of severe hip dysplasia plus other problems in her spine, could hardly move and was given the recommendation to be put in a cage to spend the rest of her life. That is when I got on the Internet and started looking and found Winston’s Joint System. Within one week this dog was walking again and now she is full swing. Took her to the groomer’s today and her groomer was amazed at her and when I told her she wanted the web site to order some of her retriever and a friend of my husband’s also is going to order some for his retriever.

Would like to say I really appreciate Winston’s Joint System. It has really given Buffey back a quality of life.

Jane Hartley

I have two yellow labs that are 4 1/2 years old. I started your treatment 3 weeks ago today.
My vet said they needed surgery to correct water on the knee which would cost about $14,000 and that would be the only solution. This is an arthritis contrition that only can be corrected by surgery. The down time after the surgery was four months, they would have to be caged for that amount of time. I found this unacceptable. There is no way these dogs would survive four months in a cage. We go to the beach every morning for a swim and a two hour walk. Winston’s started kicking in about a week ago. They are jumping, running and having a good time. I hope this is the answer to their condition.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful remedy.

Jim Anderson

I just wanted to let you know about the progress of our dog. It seems too good to be true but it is. I ordered the pills and received them within 5 days just like you said. I started giving her the pills immediately.

I need to give you a little background on our dog. She used to be the biggest Frisbee dog around. She loved doing tricks and putting on a show she would never leave the house without her frisbee. Then last December all of a sudden she could no longer walk up the stairs without zigzagging up them and stopping half way up. She will be 6 this fall and way too young to be hurt and not enjoying her life. I took her to the vets and they gave me pills that made her sick so I stopped giving them to her. Then I tried acupuncture, natural products etc., etc. nothing helped.

Finally after much web surfing, I found your website. I appreciated the fact that the pills were all natural products. We have her on a natural diet so I didn’t want to put drugs into her system. I know it hasn’t been very long but she is back to jumping up on the bed! She hasn’t done that since last December! She’s doing it all by herself and multiple times during the day and night. I am truly amazed at how fast the pills have taken effect and am very happy to have my dog back!

Thank you!

Sharon Koop

I just wanted to let you know that this is the most amazing thing I have ever tried for my dog! Lady is a 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel, and the last several years we have been battling hip & joint pain as well as cataracts that have caused her to be about 95% blind. Needless to say, she didn’t get around very well and we were constantly trying to assess if she was suffering or still a happy doggy that was going to stay with us. We tried Glucosamine and MSM separately and together, with some success, but that was not taking care of the whole problem.

Since we started Lady on Winston’s, she has had the most amazing turn-around. Within two weeks, she was trotting around like a puppy with her tail wagging so fast you’d swear it was going to wag right off! We still have to take her for walks on a leash around the yard due to her blindness, but the fact that she can do that happily is a very big deal for us, and for her. Before, there were days we had to carry her to the yard and steady her while she peed, and she did a lot of yelping from the pain. That was a low time for all of us. I’m glad that is no longer an issue and she is a happy pup again.

Laura Malmquist

Just wanted to get in touch and give you an update on Cody’s progress. We’ve been using the joint formula for almost 2 weeks now. He is continuing to hold up his leg when he walks, BUT… we have noticed a real difference in his demeanor. Prior to beginning the program he had very little motivation to get up and move around and often whimpered when he was even resting! Now he is getting up and moving around (even though on 3 legs) and has even initiated play with our other dog. We have noticed that his appetite is also improving. I will continue to update you on his progress. For now it looks like we are seeing very good things, even if it is just in his mood. That alone means a lot.

Thanks so much…

Melissa Wolfe

Hello, I just needed to tell you my story on Winston’s Joint System. It started in Jan. of 2007. We had gotten a 4 month old Australian Shepherd puppy and all was well for a couple of months. Sassy is her name and in April, she was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.

I was devastated as I watched her try to get on the bed or sofa and she needed help to do so. She could not play with my other 2 dogs like she used to. I called the breeder where we purchased her and was told that the mother and father and all siblings in the litter were vet checked and were clean of hip dysplasia. She did tell me about Winston’s Hip Formula that she had used on her German Shepherd, when he had hip dysplasia.

I called and ordered it and started her on the formula in April. After one week there was such an improvement that I was just astonished. I told our vet about it and how well Sassy was going but she thought I should have her checked for a knee problem that she thought was also wrong with sassy. We took her to a surgeon for an evaluating the first week of May. He examined her and did not find any problem with her knee, (could Winston’s have cured this problem? We think it did.)

We told him about the Winston’s and he advised us to keep her on it and to give hear Rimadyl tablet for her pain. We did get a bottle of the pain pills in May and we still have 1/2 of the pills left and it is 6 months later. Winston’s was a lifesaver for Sassy. At this time we are trying to find a maintenance level for her and feel we will find it soon. Thank you Winston’s Joint System for being there for us.

Bonnie Weaver

My male Doberman has really benefited from using Winston’s Joint System. And if continuing using your product will prolong the time or prevent hip surgery, I will be forever grateful. I am surprised however, that your product is not more well known. When I asked my vet about WJF two years ago, he had never heard of your product, but said it could do no harm. At that point, Remy, my dobe was hobbling on three legs, with hip dysplasia and a tight thigh muscle and surgery was a possibility. After less then two weeks using WJF, he was running at full speed on all four legs and has not shown any problems since.

I’ve passed information about your product to friends as well as my vet. I also let the Dobe rescue, where I have rescued my last four dobes, know about your product. I hope more people can learn of Winston’s because it is all-natural, and does work exceptionally well.

Kathy Ketels and Button and Remy

Thank you so much…

Winston’s has worked wonders for my dog…. She is walking and playing again like a puppy should.

Heather Kirsch

“Mia” was the little 10-month old Springer that had hip dysplasia and had to have an operation in April. We had started her on Winston’s just under a month prior to her surgery, and kept her on it ever since. Today, her owners are reporting that you would never know she ever had a problem in the 1st place. She runs with her brother and plays without a trace of ever having any pain whatsoever. Prior to us stepping in and taking care of her, she would tire out mid-morning and whine/cry sometimes in pain. She wouldn’t run and play the rest of the day, and was in quite painful shape when we took her in.

Joy Varga
English Springer Rescue of the Rockies, Inc. (ESRR)

Baci is doing extremely well with recovering from her second surgery. She has bounced back much more quickly than she had before placing her on your product. Her sits are improving greatly to where she is almost sitting perfectly without even thinking about it now! Much better than her previous froggy sitting. I am very thankful that I have come across your product.

Thank you!

Janelle Cox

Just wanted to let you know how my puppy “Miso” is doing on the Winston’s Joint System regimen. We started her on the formula on December 13, 2007 and immediately noticed an improvement within the first week. It’s been a little over 3 weeks and she is running, jumping and prancing like the active pup that she is. Her once atrophied muscles in her back legs are growing stronger everyday.

Thank you for such a great product!

Diane A. Shito
Department of the Attorney General
Honolulu, Hawaii

So far the formula has been working remarkably well. My dog Zenon is no longer limping from hip dysplasia and is walking and running much better. We even went on a walk to the park over the week-end!


Irene Caballero

I have been giving my dog Winston’s formula since September of 2007. She has shown remarkable improvements over the last 6 months. It’s as if we have our old dog back!

Thank you

Sharon Koop

I had to tell you my story of Hector and his amazing recovery. I have 3 adopted Pit bulls, Pit Bull/mixes.

Hector is my ‘middle’ dog, he’s currently 8 and he’s a brindle, Pit Bull/Mastiff mix. He’s a BIG dog.

My Pits are joyful/playful and energetic and they play so very hard! We hike, take trips to the ocean, the mountains and they are as athletic as I am.

Last spring, Hector started showing signs of a torn ACL. He wouldn’t put any weight on his right rear leg and he slowed down quite a bit. I immediately considered acupuncture in that I am a proponent of homeopathy before surgery, I took him to a Vet that does acupuncture. He told me that the acupuncture would only help the pain and due to the obvious ‘positive drawer’ syndrome Hector was displaying, surgery was inevitable. There was an obvious tear, and if not a complete tear, it was near that.

I went online and did my research and I wasn’t happy with the surgical options, in my research I found Dr. Winston’s Joint System. Now all of my dogs have always been supplemented with glucosamine because of their activity level; but I had never tried Winston’s Supplements I thought: ‘what the heck’.

After 3 months of using the Joint System, Hector’s ‘positive drawer syndrome’ disappeared, as did his pain and inability to jump, (although he still likes me to lift him onto the bed just because I will…lol). Two vets I took him to originally couldn’t believe it.

It’s been a year now since Hector first displayed symptoms of his injury and I believe he is MORE healthy now do to Winston’s Joint System than he was prior to his injury.

Thank you so much, I will continue to use your products – you guys are life savers and miracle workers!

Colette McLennan
Seattle, WA

I just wanted to let you know how great your Winston’s Pain Relief Formula has been for us. My dog is a golden named Ted E Bear.

He is now 2 years old and weighs 105 lbs. When he was about 6 months old, we noticed he had trouble getting up & didn’t run around like a lot of puppies do. I took him in to the vet and they did an x-ray on his hips. That is when we found out he has severe hip dysplasia. The vet showed me the x-ray and his right hip was almost completely out of the socket!

I felt horrible and didn’t know what I could do for him as I don’t have much money . The vet said he would need hip surgery after he was about 1-1/2 years old. I knew I couldn’t afford that at this time. I even took him to a specialist vet and was in tears because there was another procedure they could try until he was able to have the surgery but no guarantees. After they examined his x-rays, we found out he wasn’t even a candidate for the procedure. I was in tears thinking I was going to have to have him put down. I have wanted a golden since I was very little & was devastated.

My vet gave me Previcox for him and with that, you have to have his liver checked every six months. That is when my research started. I don’t know how I even got to your site but I did and am so happy I found it. I read all the testimonials and thought, couldn’t hurt and it’s all natural. I ordered 1 bottle of the Winston Pain Formula took “Bear” off the Previcox and started your product.

WOW! What an improvement! He has been doing very well ever since. I am now engaged to a man that has 2 dogs that are 3 years old and my dog runs & plays with them like nothing is wrong. He jumps around all the time and if you see him, you would never guess he has severe hip dysplasia. I tell everyone about this product. I even took it to his vet & showed them & they are amazed at how well he has done on your product.

I want to thank you very much for your Winston’s products. They have definitely made “Bears” quality of life MUCH better. He is fun, loving and very friendly with a great personality. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you

Laura Rorebeck
LaVista, NE

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