Hock Holder

Hock Holder


The Hock Holder was requested by one of our favorite veterinarians. He asked us to design a brace to support the ankle of one of his canine patients. Our brace has helped his patient a lot and we appreciate his request.

The hock joint is on the dog's back leg below the knee and corresponds to the ankle on a human. We designed this brace to fit the natural angle of the hock to prevent it from hyper extending. The neoprene wrap also supports the joint medially and laterally allowing your canine friend to move easily and without strain on the joint.



Indications for use

  • Weak or painful ankle
  • Limping on hind leg

Brace Materials:

  • 3.0 mm Velcro plush neoprene
  • Commercial grade Velcro

Hock Holder
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