I recently referred one of my private clients (Murray & Karrie Lee) to Winston's and the results with their dog, Lola, are absolutely miraculous! Lola could not walk up stairs or get on the bed, and was basically not acting like a 2+ yr old APBT.

Within 2 weeks she bounced into my studio with new vigor, and now runs zoomies around the house, and can run up and down the stairs in her home. She is like a new dog! Thank you for such an amazing product! I have since recommended your product to my vet (Dr. Shini at Maple Leaf Vet) and often rave about your products to my dog training students during class. You might want to send me some brochures for me to display in my studio.

Faith Hynoski CCS, IACP
Seattle DogWorks
Private Training & Behavior Solutions

Here is a picture of Blaze ...swimming in the Animas River in Durango, Colorado.   We had so much fun that we are going back in September.  This wouldn't be possible without your wonderful product.  Thank you Winston’s!!

Tina M. Harter
Manager, Office Administration/Executive Assistant to
Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

Just wanted to update you on how Abby is doing on the eve of her 12th birthday.  She has been on Winston's since she was 6 months old and it was determined she had hip dysplasia.  Yesterday I took her to the vet for a check-up.  This vet uses chiropractics and acupuncture.  After an exam of Abby and an adjustment and acupuncture treatment (Abby's first time for both) the vet told me what a great job we have done in managing Abby's hips for a dog that has had problems all of her life.  She is starting to slow down a bit but still plays with our 18 month old spaniel.  She gets around very well.  I told the vet about the Winston's she has been on.  She told me to keep her on it that she is doing great.  I hope we have Abby for a long time yet.  I see other goldens her age and they are very old dogs.  Except for Abby's white face, you would never guess she was as old as she is.  Thanks so much for Winston's.  I doubt Abby would be getting around anymore without it or worse that she would have been put down because she could not get around anymore.

Her regular vet that she has had all of her life also has told me how well Abby is doing and does not look at all like her age.

I've attached a picture of our girls from this summer.  Willow is the puppy on the left, Abby, and Maddie on the right.

Ellen Hierl
Sun Prairie, WI 

Our 13 yr old, female Corgi named Buffy has responded very well to Winston's Joint System. In spite of being a little over-weight, she can now roll-over again (first time in 2 or more years). Her activity level has picked up tremendously. The response is equal to or even better then pharmaceuticals. Thank you.

Richard Porter, D.V.M.

“I couldn't believe the results in my dog, TJ, a 16 year old Shih-tzu. I could tell he was feeling better! He had more energy and was more alert after two weeks on Winston's Joint System Program. I highly recommend this superior product! I am keeping TJ on the program!”

Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.

Thank you for bringing Winston's Joint System to the world! Our six year old Maltese, Mindy, was diagnosed with dysplastic hips last year. She was in pain, lethargic, and constantly held her right leg in the air. We wanted an alternative to surgery and anaesthesia; we also wanted something natural, and not animal tested. We decided your product was worth a try, and within three weeks, she was walking normally again. She's happy and she can run and play again. Thanks ever so much.

P.S. We originally were going to try “cosequin” at our vets recommendation, after reading their pamplet, I threw the bottle away.

D. & K. Franke
Petpourri Ltd.

We just wanted to let you know how fantastic Winston's Joint System worked for our little dog. At six months old, we were told by our vet that Blanche would never live a normal life because of severe hip dysplasia which was advanced beyond her young age. We were absolutely devastated because she could barely walk and could not walk up the stairs. With this bad news from the vet, we had no idea what to do.

A good friend told us about your product and we immediately gave it a try. Following your directions for dosage, we put Blanche on the formula. The results were amazing. Within three days she showed signs of improvement such as reduced pain and some greater flexibility. By the one week point, our little dog was running, jumping and literally flying off the sofa. She was in essence, fully back to normal and has remained as such since March of 1996.

What more can I say? Your product really works!! Please feel free to offer my words of support to anyone who is considering using your formula for their dog.

J. R. Miles
Venice, California

Our dog Zanes' hocks are very bad which I first noticed when he turned six months of age. His rear legs were so close together that he looked as if he had only one rear leg. I started using Winston's Joint System when he turned 7 months old and after only 5 days, he began walking more normally, and after 2 months he was a completely new dog. I now give him the formula twice a day which he will stay on for the rest of his life.

D. Koser-Smith
Oregon City, OR

Our dog, Sampson, a 2 year old Great Dane, tested Winston's Joint System this past two months with very positive results. He came to us from an animal shelter with a grotesque hip deformity, which we were never able to determine as congenital or the result of an injury. He was experiencing great pain and difficulty getting up and running. We noticed greater mobility within 3 weeks, his vet noticed a big improvement within a month, and his chiropractor confirmed major improvement after 2 months. Thank you so much

S. Brier
Woodland Hills, CA

When I ordered Winston's Joint System our dog, Thunder was in real bad shape. He could no longer get up on his own, his back legs were too weak thus wehad to help lift his hind quarters with a belt 99% of the time when he needed to get up. He could hardly walk anymore and walking a distance of only 50 feet would cause him to pant and become extremely drained from the movement. I could no longer take him for any type of walk, basically once we traveled about 150 feet his legs would give out and he would drop to the ground. Nor could he stand on his feet for any duration of time, it would only take a couple of minutes of standing and he would become exhausted. (Also his bark was almost gone.)

I had noticed that he was no longer moving his body around while sleeping, I would bring him in at night and lay him down and would find him in the exact same position the next morning, his movement was basically null. His face had a very sick look to it. Everything about him was bad off, looked bad off and we feared the worse based on his overall condition since he was getting worse by the day......

On 11/19 I started using Winston's Joint System. Followed your directions including the massages every morning prior to Thunder getting up. Over the next week his condition improved dramatically and the results were truly amazing. We look back to the morning of 11/21, only two days using Winston's Joint System, and are astounded to realize what had happened that morning and the days to follow. On 11/21 Thunder woke me due to his barking. I ran downstairs and he was his feet and needed to go outside....I figured he must have to go real bad and he forced himself up. I let him out and ran back inside to grab a coat.

Well when I returned outside, only a few seconds later, expecting to find him within 20 feet of the door....I found he was gone!!! I finally located him about 250 feet away with him sniffing around checking everything out!!! I did not realize at that moment how things had changed. On 11/23 we noticed more improvements where he was getting up more on his own, his standing ability had improved dramatically and the shaking in his hind legs was reduced and continued to reduce even more as the days went on. After about 10 days using the formula, coupled together with using HyaFlex and Winston's Senior Formula PetMulti, the results were even more unbelievable.

Thunder can now get up on his own. The initial shaking in the hind legs after standing is basically almost all gone. He can now walk up to 20 or 30 minutes at a time (if we allow him.) He can now bark again! Man, can he bark again!!!

His normal facial expressions are coming back and he is expressing himself like he did years ago way when he did not get his own way!! He can now lift his hind legs much better while walking and over obstacles. He no longer slips on a smooth floor. At times he evens now walks too fast for me and I have to jog along to keep up with him!!! We even seen him gallop a few times over the past week, getting excited and becoming spunkyand frisky again.

We also found him playing in the snow the other day, laying on his back wiggling his hind quarters back and forth, sliding down the hill the kids sleigh ride on. The other day he actually was driving me nuts, he must of wanted to go outside at least 12 times, getting up on his own and going to the door with serious barking basically demanding for me to let him out. And actually his eyesight has also improved thanks to the Winston's PetMulti tabs we are giving him.

Overall what has happened to our Thunder simple words cannot describe. His condition is so much better one could consider it a miracle and Gods work but I know that this list of outstanding improvements ALL started once he started to receive Winston's Joint System. Your product is incredible and truly outstanding, and I cannot begin to thank you enough for the improvement in life you have given our pet and the joy you have brought back to our household.

Francis (Butch) McCardle
Z Series MES/PILOT Test Team Leader

Jake is a purebred Labrador retriever. We got him when he was 3 months old. He was a very big pup. Very quickly we noticed that he was a little clumsier than expected but since we had never owned a purebred dog before and really couldn't judge, we didn't worry much.

When Jake was 7 months old we took him in for neutering, shots, chip and basic check-up. We told the vet that we were concerned because Jake was still refusing to jump into the back of our station wagon even though he was a very, very large, 75 lb. puppy. In fact, when he tried to jump in he cried. The vet said it was just growing pains and that they might be a little more severe for a dog that was growing so large, so fast.

I rotated his diet giving him several of the most expensive and pure dry foods I could find thinking maybe he was sensitive to something he was eating. I also started giving him supplements of MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, fish and seed oils and quercetin. Those things did help a little, but not for long. He got worse and worse to where he refused to play, and was limping badly.

About six months after that first visit we took him back to the vet because we were really getting concerned. He had begun to cry when playing and even when he opened his mouth to eat. The vet still said that it was growing pains and gave us a prescription for Rimaydl. He also injected something for pain. We were uncomfortable with the care we were getting and didn't refill the prescription. I continued the supplements.

By the time he was 13 months old Jake was an 100 lb. unhappy dog. He was also showing some signs of hot spots on his skin and he was developing leathery, hairless patches of skin on either side of his tail and on his underside around his rib cage. We took him back to the vet and ordered a full body x-ray. The x-ray showed that he had ankylose arthritis throughout most all his joints and myocitis in his jaw. The vet said there was nothing to be done but keep him on anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. I wasn't ready to do that yet to such a young dog. I was concerned about liver damage.

About 4 months after the x-ray was taken we took Jake to a holistic veterinarian who strongly recommended that we put him on a raw meat diet, and that we continue with the supplements plus adding to them some that she recommended. We did just that and he improved quite a bit. He became more playful, though limited, and he stopped crying when opening his mouth. His skin seemed to fluctuate; showing problems for a few weeks and then clearing up for a few weeks.

That went on for another couple of years. He seemed basically ok, just a little troubled once in a while. We were satisfied thinking that was as good as it would get. Then his health went downhill. He started holding up his left rear paw, using only 3 legs to walk. He wouldn't play and his skin got worse. Naturally, the lifted leg became atrophied and his right rear leg was getting weak. We were seriously wondering if we would end up having Jake either euthanized or put on drugs.

When Jake turned 4 years old, Kathy, at Exclusive Pet Food, told me about a supplement program called Winston's Joint System and gave me the phone number of the Pet Project. I called and spoke to Sam who listened to my story and had me purchase a supply of Winston's Joint System, some hyaluronic acid liquid, and an oil blend. Within 2 months of starting Winston's Joint System Jake was standing on his atrophied leg which was still very weak.

After 4 months he was running on it and chasing the ball, even entering into competition with my other 2 large dogs. He wasn't able to play for long, but he took care of himself, sitting down when he was tired. His hot spots completely disappeared, the leathery patches have become much smaller and softer and his coat is beautifully shiny.

It's been 5 months since Jake's been on Winston's Joint System. He isn't show dog perfect, but he is a very happy, playful big boy. He gets 2 lbs of raw meat every day into which I simply put the capsules, Hyaflex and nutritional oil blend. His legs, though slightly bowed from poor early development, are both strong, and have good muscular development. I only wish I had put him on this program when he was 3 months old; he might have developed a more healthy body from the beginning. I can't say enough in praise of Winston's Joint System. Because of it Jake will probably live a long, healthy life without the side affects of drugs.

Annie Waugh-Boring

I am writing this to thank you for your Winston's Joint System. January 28, 2006, I took our 7 month old Golden Retriever to the vet. He diagnosed him with hip dysplasia and since he was so young, and had grown so rapidly, weighing 67 pounds, told me that we should consider having him "put down" Needless to say I was heartbroken, and decided to go on the internet to see if there was anything out their that I could try.

On Sunday, the 29th, I came across your web site, and placed a phone call. Some very kind doctor picked up, telling me that normally he was not in the office on Sunday, but listened to my story. I ordered a two months supply of your formula, and within a little more than two weeks noticed a big difference in Kobi. Now he runs, plays, and can get around so much better. Every day you can see an improvement.

I just wanted to say thanks, and I will continue to use your formula, and in the meantime change vets!!!

Thank you so much, and we will be forever grateful.

Ann Emerick

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