We accept all major credit cards, including Visa or Mastercard Bank/ATM cards.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Purchased-Card Alternative
much more efficient

For much speedier, yet totally secure ordering, you might consider purchasing a Pre-Paid credit card (Visa/Master Card) at a local merchant; many merchants are selling these 'one time use' cards these days.  A person could print their desired order (per above paragraph), and use the indicated TOTAL to then purchase one of these disposable pre-paid cards for use online or over the phone. 

Mail-in Orders

For those customers wishing to use Check or Money-Order, you are advised to begin normal checkout: i.e., processing your order (in our Online Cart), INCLUDING your choice of shipping preference - UP TO STEP 4 (before Payment Options). Then, with the Order Summary displayed, you can print* this screen for Mailing or Faxing. At Step 4, all the correct amounts, including shipping and the accurate TOTAL will be displayed. Simply click the GREEN button to *Print & Fax/Mail your desired order. You can then MAIL that printout along with your Check or Money-Order to the address at the bottom of this page.  


Dog's Health
902 S. Holt Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Fax-in Orders

If you don't care to use your credit card ONLINE or over the phone, but are OK with faxing the number, you can print your desired order, per instructions above, and then FAX the order to the number below with the card number written in, and your authorizing signature added.  All faxes are immediately destroyed after the order is created. 


(310) 590-3901