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Lucy's doing very well..I'll be lowering her to a maintenance dosage to once a day...she's been on the twice a day for 4 months now...and she has shown an overall improvement in movement and she seems to recover faster after a strenuous day. Thanks for checking in.

Andy Brown

I have noticed a big difference already in Roxi… she gets up more quickly and doesn't cry when she gets up. Wow, you have no idea how good this is for us. As she is only 18 months old I was starting to look at the possibility of her not being with us much longer due to the pain she was suffering. Please send me 2 more months supply of Winston's. Again, thank you so much.

Marilyn Turton

I have been a long time customer using Winston's Joint System for our 12 year old Belgium Shepherd who was diagnosed earlier this year with hip dysplasia. Your product has really helped. Max has increased mobility and is again eager to walk.

Just recently started using Hyaflex, with some pretty amazing results. Max appears to be less stiff, his coat is looking much shinier and softer too.

With the use of these two compounds, I have decided to stop using the NSAID Metacam, that was prescribed by our Vet. It helped with the joint inflammation, but had the nasty side effect of raising Max's liver enzyme levels, which could eventually lead to liver failure. We still take him to the vet, but for now, no more Metacam.

I would like to place an order for more Winston's Joint System and another bottle of Hyaflex.

Thank You!!

Paul Dino

I wanted to touch bases with you regarding Buffey, who had been given the diagnosis of severe hip dysplasia plus other problems in her spine, could hardly move and was given the recommendation to be put in a cage to spend the rest of her life. That is when I got on the Internet and started looking and found Winston's Joint System. Within one week this dog was walking again and now she is full swing. Took her to the groomer's today and her groomer was amazed at her and when I told her she wanted the web site to order some of her retriever and a friend of my husband's also is going to order some for his retriever.

Would like to say I really appreciate Winston's Joint System. It has really given Buffey back a quality of life.

Jane Hartley

I have two yellow labs that are 4 1/2 years old. I started your treatment 3 weeks ago today.

My vet said they needed surgery to correct water on the knee which would cost about $14,000 and that would be the only solution. This is an arthritis contrition that only can be corrected by surgery. The down time after the surgery was four months, they would have to be caged for that amount of time. I found this unacceptable. There is no way these dogs would survive four months in a cage. We go to the beach every morning for a swim and a two hour walk. Winston's started kicking in about a week ago. They are jumping, running and having a good time. I hope this is the answer to their condition.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful remedy.

Jim Anderson

I just wanted to let you know about the progress of our dog. It seems too good to be true but it is. I ordered the pills and received them within 5 days just like you said. I started giving her the pills immediately.

I need to give you a little background on our dog. She used to be the biggest Frisbee dog around. She loved doing tricks and putting on a show she would never leave the house without her frisbee. Then last December all of a sudden she could no longer walk up the stairs without zigzagging up them and stopping half way up. She will be 6 this fall and way too young to be hurt and not enjoying her life. I took her to the vets and they gave me pills that made her sick so I stopped giving them to her. Then I tried acupuncture, natural products etc., etc. nothing helped.

Finally after much web surfing, I found your website. I appreciated the fact that the pills were all natural products. We have her on a natural diet so I didn't want to put drugs into her system. I know it hasn't been very long but she is back to jumping up on the bed! She hasn't done that since last December! She's doing it all by herself and multiple times during the day and night. I am truly amazed at how fast the pills have taken effect and am very happy to have my dog back!

Thank you!

Sharon Koop

I just wanted to let you know that this is the most amazing thing I have ever tried for my dog! Lady is a 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel, and the last several years we have been battling hip & joint pain as well as cataracts that have caused her to be about 95% blind. Needless to say, she didn't get around very well and we were constantly trying to assess if she was suffering or still a happy doggy that was going to stay with us. We tried Glucosamine and MSM separately and together, with some success, but that was not taking care of the whole problem.

Since we started Lady on Winston's, she has had the most amazing turn-around. Within two weeks, she was trotting around like a puppy with her tail wagging so fast you'd swear it was going to wag right off! We still have to take her for walks on a leash around the yard due to her blindness, but the fact that she can do that happily is a very big deal for us, and for her. Before, there were days we had to carry her to the yard and steady her while she peed, and she did a lot of yelping from the pain. That was a low time for all of us. I'm glad that is no longer an issue and she is a happy pup again.

Laura Malmquist

Just wanted to get in touch and give you an update on Cody's progress. We've been using the joint formula for almost 2 weeks now. He is continuing to hold up his leg when he walks, BUT... we have noticed a real difference in his demeanor. Prior to beginning the program he had very little motivation to get up and move around and often whimpered when he was even resting! Now he is getting up and moving around (even though on 3 legs) and has even initiated play with our other dog. We have noticed that his appetite is also improving. I will continue to update you on his progress. For now it looks like we are seeing very good things, even if it is just in his mood. That alone means a lot.

Thanks so much…

Melissa Wolfe

Hello, I just needed to tell you my story on Winston's Joint System. It started in Jan. of 2007. We had gotten a 4 month old Australian Shepherd puppy and all was well for a couple of months. Sassy is her name and in April, she was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.

I was devastated as I watched her try to get on the bed or sofa and she needed help to do so. She could not play with my other 2 dogs like she used to. I called the breeder where we purchased her and was told that the mother and father and all siblings in the litter were vet checked and were clean of hip dysplasia. She did tell me about Winston's Hip Formula that she had used on her German Shepherd, when he had hip dysplasia.

I called and ordered it and started her on the formula in April. After one week there was such an improvement that I was just astonished. I told our vet about it and how well Sassy was going but she thought I should have her checked for a knee problem that she thought was also wrong with sassy. We took her to a surgeon for an evaluating the first week of May. He examined her and did not find any problem with her knee, (could Winston's have cured this problem? We think it did.)

We told him about the Winston's and he advised us to keep her on it and to give hear Rimadyl tablet for her pain. We did get a bottle of the pain pills in May and we still have 1/2 of the pills left and it is 6 months later. Winston's was a lifesaver for Sassy. At this time we are trying to find a maintenance level for her and feel we will find it soon. Thank you Winston's Joint System for being there for us.

Bonnie Weaver

My male Doberman has really benefited from using Winston's Joint System. And if continuing using your product will prolong the time or prevent hip surgery, I will be forever grateful. I am surprised however, that your product is not more well known. When I asked my vet about WJF two years ago, he had never heard of your product, but said it could do no harm. At that point, Remy, my dobe was hobbling on three legs, with hip dysplasia and a tight thigh muscle and surgery was a possibility. After less then two weeks using WJF, he was running at full speed on all four legs and has not shown any problems since.

I've passed information about your product to friends as well as my vet. I also let the Dobe rescue, where I have rescued my last four dobes, know about your product. I hope more people can learn of Winston's because it is all-natural, and does work exceptionally well.

Kathy Ketels and Button and Remy

Thank you so much…

Winston's has worked wonders for my dog.... She is walking and playing again like a puppy should.

Heather Kirsch

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