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Thank you so much for Winston's Joint System. Our 9 year old poodle Rosie started having problems with her right shoulder (kept slipping out of joint) in late October 1998. By Christmas she was walking around on three legs 100% of the time. An orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery to correct her problem with a 70% chance of success and no guarantee that the same problem would not occur again. Rosie also lost most of her body hair when she was two years old. Our veterinarian suspected and discovered that she did have a thyroid problem, however, after taking thyroxin for the last 6 or 7 years her thyroid level is normal but she's still bald.

Since mid May 1999 she has been on Winston's Joint System. She is now walking and running on all fours about 95% of the time, she is also more active and about a week and a half after starting the formula her hair started growing back. We will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you again

Angie & Jerry Kellner

Please enter my re-order for a 2-month supply of Winston's Joint System. My dog is a 65-pound mixed breed retriever. She has been on WJF for 4-6 months for hip dysplasia and it has made a remarkable difference. In fact, I'm thinking her progress lulled me into thinking she was well. I didn't reorder when the last supply ran out, being in the middle of a move. I thought I would get Skye started again once we were well-settled. In the three weeks, however, she has chewed two huge hot spots into her hip and tail areas.

She doesn't have fleas, and I couldn't figure out why she kept chewing at her hip area. Now it has occurred to me - confirmed by research at alternative vet sites on the web today - that she may be in pain and that is her way of trying to get at it. Her temperament is such that she would bear it without complaint. Obviously, I want to get her back on WJF as soon as possible, and I'm giving her ibuprofen for any pain. I assume that is better than putting her back on Rimadyl. She is limber and moves without apparent pain since starting on WJF, but something is bothering her.

Kathie Anderson

Please send me another order. My lab is doing great now, I will send you a letter soon on her miraculous progress. Sure glad it worked, I was so upset when she let out a yelp and went down it looked like for good. Thanks again for your wonderful Winstons formula.

Jan Whelpley

I have a 12 year old Sheltie named Alf. Alf suffered from hip pain and stiffness. I started using Winston's Joint System one year ago and have seen tremedous improvement in Alf's mobility. I feel very fortunate and thankful that I found your formula. Thank you.

Denise Carson

My shepard-lab mix "Hobo" is now 17 years old. He has been on Winston's Joint System since June and has greatly improved since then (now October). He has arthritis (OCD) in his hips and his right leg. I searched frantically for something to help him when his right leg began cramping and curling up. He also had a severe problem with his skin, raw spots on his armpits, back, feet and belly.

Well, he doesn't have a skin problem anymore, nor does his hind feet cramp. His condition was explained to me by a vet: to slowly or quickly deteriorate. Well, he has gotten so much better and has remained with no declining since. I cannot thank you enough for helping my dog. I am so grateful for the second chance Winston's Joint System has given him.

Mike Ferguson

With this communique, I would like to place a re-order of Winston's Joint System. Please send a 3 months supply for my dog Bailie. Thank you so much for this product. I was in a state of depression when Bailie's back legs completely collapsed in September. When the vet said there was nothing else he could do for her, I was at a loss as to where to go for help. Bailie has made a remarkable comeback since being on the formula. She is now able to get up and walk short distances, and with minimal help, she can now get up into the car and a up few steps within the house. I have taken her off Rimadyl completely and she seems to be more alert with way more energy. Thanks for this "miracle" formula.

Lori Lamm

Sorry to take a little while to get back to you regarding Maggie's progress. She seems to have stabilized and is certainly much better when on Winstons. She does not limp as much and "seems" to be in less pain. Thanks once again for the prompt and efficient service.

Mark Amory

We ran out of Winston's Joint System and I didn't want a week to lapse without my dog taking it. My Rottweiller, Kent, has made tremendous progress since he has been taking it. We are so grateful. Thank you for overnighting it to me.

Hillary & Kent DeVere

I can't even begin to thank you for saving my dog's life. He is now walking around again, healthy and happy, after just a month on Winston's Joint System. After having gone to three vets and being told he would probably have to be put to sleep, this is like a miracle. You've given me a few more years with my beloved pet. Thank you so much!

Christine Evans

After less than a week, our 12 year old Norwegian Elkhound has made a tremendous improvement. Being skeptical in nature, I initially ordered only a 1 month supply. Now, I'm placing an order for 3 months so she won't run out. I'm a true believer.

Denise Camp

My dog, Anthony Boy, a Labrador Retriever, was 12 years old and a little overweight (73 pounds) when he began experiencing noticeable arthritic symptoms. He would limp or drag a rear paw. He had stopped going upstairs to my office and would fall up the stairs on the few attempts he made. I took him to my vet, who gave him an injection of cortisone and put him on a diet. My first shipment of Winston's Joint System arrived just as the effects of the cortisone were beginning to wear off. I noticed an improvement after one week. After two months, he began going upstairs again.

For the next two years Anthony Boy continued on the Formula and maintained a weight of 65 pounds. He was walking, running and jumping for most of that time. At age 15, he began to slow down a bit. He stopped going up steep staircases, but he continued to jump up on the couch and to run around full of energy, at times. When he died last week, he was 15 years 8 months old, and he had had a very good quality of life until then. I am really grateful for the extra 21/2+ years I had with my dog; I am convinced that it would not have been possible without your product. I hope that many other dogs will have the opportunity to benefit from it.

Andrea Georgiev

I've been out of the pills for about a week. Shame on me. I have noticed that she started whining a little this morning. However, overall, there was a definite improvement in her overall demeanor. After a couple of weeks on the pills, we found her up on the couch. She has not climbed up there in over 3 or 4 years. That was a "bad" thing that we were very happy to see. After giving her the "medicine" in the morning, we started "hiding" some biscuits under her pillows. She gets really excited about "finding" them.

She seems to be more playful, smiles alot and has stopped the excessive whining. We do not know exactly how old she is....maybe 12? She's never been very active. She never runs around or chases balls. I don't think her previous owners took much time with her. But she is the sweetest thing and all the kids in the neighborhood love her. We thank you for your product and will hope to see continued improvement. She has been on the program for 2 months.

Barbara Ihle

I would like to order more Winstons formula. My dog Ginger is doing so well, she even jumps up in the front room window to let me know she wants to come in. I love the formula, it took a long time for her, she was totally down, couldn't walk at all. She is eight years old.The other dog is a golden retiever nine years old. She has a hard time pulling herself up, but I hope this will work. It seems to be making a big improvement..

Janet Whelpley

A year ago, our dog, Shadow, a 6-year old Shari-Pei (who looks like a Chow--long hair, no wrinkles), was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. First treatment that was tried--steriods. Great results until the dose was used up. The vet's next recommendation--put her on a medicine that could cause liver damage if used for any length of time. NO THANK YOU. That's when I went searching for a natural remedy, and that's when I found Winston's Joint System. We started Shadow on twice a day dosage in June, 1999.

Before Winston's, Shadow would try to get up from a laying position 5 or 6 times. Then her movements were very slow. After about 4 months, she had no trouble getting up and getting around. This past February, we reduced her dosage to once a day with no significant change. She enjoys keeping birds and squirrels out of our backyard as well as her daily dose of rough housing with us (which includes leaping onto the sofa). This old gal may be almost 7 years old; but with Winston's, she'll never tell! Thanks so much for a great product. Shadow and I are grateful we found you.

Pam Murphy
Richardson, Texas

Lucy's doing very well..I'll be lowering her to a maintenance dosage to once a day...she's been on the twice a day for 4 months now...and she has shown an overall improvement in movement and she seems to recover faster after a strenuous day. Thanks for checking in.

Andy Brown

I would like to order another supply of Winston's Joint System. We have been using it for our Lab and Dalmatian, they have had a significant improvement in their mobility and comfort. Charlie, the Dal, was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. Annie, the Lab, likes to chase tennis balls and it becomes obvious when she's overdone the chase game. Thanks for your help!

Kenneth Webb

We still love that Winston's Joint System. It's time for me to place another order for 3 month supply for my setters. We have an 11 year old setter and a 9 year old setter on Winston's. The 11 year old is doing much better thanks to Winston's. He was just getting stiff from old age. He now thinks he is an 8 year old. Queenie is our other setter on Winston's. She had surgery after an automobile accident. She is better on Winston's.

Lindy Sanford
Arrowpoint Farm

Just to let you know, with the past 2 month order, Hobbes has improved dramatically. We wound up taking him to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan to have his hips checked again, and they found that he had a torn ligament in his knee. His hips are quite bad after looking at the xrays. We had the ligament repaired and a week later he was getting around quite well, although we have to keep him restricted for 12 weeks. His leg seems fine now and his hips don't seem to bother him - EVEN in the morning. The joint formula works great!!!!! I would like to order another 2 month supply.

Greg Hembroff
High Prairie, Alberta, Canada

The puppy is improving daily. I'm hoping she will have a full recovery. Thanks ever so much for your wonderful formula!

Tracey Higgin

Our dog seems to be doing beautifully. The improvement has been pretty gradual, but it is becoming more obvious. She is now moving her back legs independently of one another when going up and down stairs. We are going to keep her on it and hopefully, see even greater improvements. Thanks for you help!

Michelle Cook

My dog, Sara, is a 9 year old Rottie and has diabetes requiring 2 shots of insulin daily. She developed severe hip problems and possible spinal complications about 3 months ago. Her vet suggested possibly surgery on her spine (with no guaranteed results and possibly fatal due to her age and diabetes) which I declined to have done. Sara was then put on etogesic for pain which provided minimal relief. She is just finishing up her first month's supply of Winston's Joint System.

I hesitated ordering more because her mobility was worsening and I was very seriously considering euthanasia because she weighs 90 lbs. and I could not carry her up and down stairs to get to the yard. She has dramatically improved in the past 3 days! She is now going up and down the steps to the yard without hesitating and is asking to go out frequently - I was having to coax her to go twice a day.

The weakness is still there but not as severe as it was just a week ago. The pain relief that Winston's provided her was obvious within 3 days! She no longer cries out with pain and is much more alert than when she was on the etogesic. I quit giving her the etogesic after 3 days of Winston's Joint System. Sara and I both thank you for your wonderful Winston's Joint System! I am now cautiously optimistic that Sara and I may enjoy some more time together.

I will keep you posted on her progress. Thank you again and please rush another month's supply, she is almost out. I will enthusiastically recommend Winston's Joint System to everyone that has a dog suffering from joint related disease. I was very skeptical when I ordered but became a believer as soon as I saw the pain relief it gave to Sara when nothing else had worked. Thank you again.

Joyce Bruce

Let me tell you that Niko looks and jumps like a puppy now. I am so happy to see him back to normal. Thanks so much. You have sent me the formula twice already. Could you please send me more and let me know how long should I keep giving it to Niko? Thanks again.

Elena Potter

Please send another two months supply of Winston's. Craig (14 year golden) has his bull-headed stubborn attitude back - (now that is a good thing). He still has his limp but limps faster. He doesn't seem to require as much sleep and appears way more alert. There is definitely an attitude improvement and a physical one too. I would like to keep him on the formula. Thank you.

Bonnie Simons

My dog's artifical hip was removed, and he now has no hip at all. Since starting on your formula, he has gone from being totally crippled to walking almost a mile a day. He's almost a hundred pounds and I'm amazed at how well he continues to do. Thanks ever so much. Your product is a miracle!

Susan Magliato

What can I say, my 13 year old Afgan is walking better each day with the help of Winston's Joint System. What a miracle product! My girl is enjoying her life more and now walks with no limp. I must re-order another month supply. Thanks for the miracle.

Valerie Mackett

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