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About 10 weeks ago, our 8 year old , Babe, could not get up by herself and could barely walk. Since we have been giving her your formula, she can now move around on her own and can even use the three stairs to get out into her yard. She has been diagnosed with severe arthritis in her spinal column. Winston's Joint System has greatly improved her condition!

Tom and Joan Lacey

I have been giving this formula to Petey, my small gray poodle, a 7-year-old and he is now back to being just a kid again. Before taking your product, it was all he could do to get up and down stairs. Actually, he even fell down a short flight as his front legs and shoulders just couldn't hold him - too much pain. He is now running up and down the stairs, chasing his ball and having a good doggy time once again. It was so hard for me to see my little best friend doing so poorly. Now he's wonderful once more. Thank You!

Billie Brown

I wanted to give you a status on my dog on your Winston's Joint System. I have an 81/2 year old Alaskan Malamute (90 lbs.) that was diagnosed with hip displaysia at 3 yrs. old (showed up on an x-ray along with minor arthritis, also). She is now doing very well showing minimal signs of the problem. I started her, about 6 months ago, on Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosomine. I had her on aspirin for about a month and a half. I started her on your stuff on two months ago and took her off the aspirin 2 weeks into the treatment. I took her off of the other supplements when I started her on Winston's.

The most visible sign I experienced with her was last year. She jumped into our Tahoe just fine when we left the house. Took her to a hike and bike trail and walked her 4 miles. She had trouble jumping back in after the walk and seemed a bit stiff. When I helped her by pushing on her back end, she yelped as her hips were obviously sore.

After being on Winston's for about 6 weeks (and no aspirin) I just walked her on that trail again. Again, she had no problem getting into the truck at the house. After the walk, she didn't seem very stiff and her first attempt at jumping into the truck, she missed, but she had a lot more energy about it. I let her try again, and without helping her, she got right in! If she continues like this, I feel real good about the fact that she may never have full blown hip displaysia, or at least not until she is very old. At 81/2, she still is like a puppy! I would like to order another month's supply.

Liz Dundov
Austin, TX

My 10-year-old beagle, Bernie, was diagnosed as having a compressed lumbar disk on May 23, 1998. It could not be determined if it was an acute problem or a chronic degenerative one. Bernie could not use his hind legs and was in extreme pain. He was treated in the veterinary hospital with three days of steroids in large doses to bring down the swelling around his spinal cord.

We were told there was no other treatment available, other than surgery which was not warranted until his condition worsened in the future. We were also told that Bernie could relapse at any time, or he could improve, and there was nothing that could be done but wait.

With this uncertain prognosis, I began to search the Internet for information about disk problems in dogs, and came upon Winston's Joint System. At this point I felt there was nothing to lose by trying it, so I immediately ordered a three-month supply. In short, Bernie began to show slow steady improvement in using his hind legs. In approximately one month he was able to walk again and after two months you could not tell he ever had a problem! He is now running and playing entirely without pain or restriction. We are convinced that without Winston's Joint System he would not have fully recovered. It has now been four months since starting Bernie on the formula, and he will remain on a maintenance dose indefinitely.

Also of interest is that for about one year Bernie had conjunctivitis that no medication would clear up. We noted immediate improvement in this as soon as he was started on the Formula, and there has been no recurrence since!

We have recently started another beagle, Bonnie, on Winston's Joint System. She had to have repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. It's still too soon to tell, but we are very hopeful about her prognosis on this Formula.

I believe that Winston's Joint System could be a valuable adjunct to veterinary medicine, not replacing veterinary care, but enhancing it. Viewing Winston's Joint System, or any other natural supplement, as a threat to the practice of veterinary medicine is ludicrous. The benefits of nutritional supplements are now widely accepted in the treatment of human disease--why not in animals?

Darelle Coupland
Pearblossom, CA

I wanted to drop you a quick E-mail to let you know that I am amazed with the results of your Winston's Joint System. My black lab's name is Retha, she is 12 years old and weighs between 70-75 lbs. We began your program in August of this year and in September she suffered a bout with Vestibular syndrome. Fortunately, she has made about a 95% recovery from that situation. I continued your formula while nursing her back to health and have also continued her Rymadyl all through this.

She is now as or more mischievous than she was as a pup. We have 3 stairs she must negotiate to get to our backyard. Before, she would simply not go. Now, she bounds down the stairs with us to the yard so as not to miss a party. Additionally, her coat is as soft and beautiful as any fine mink coat you could purchase. I am so happy I found you on the internet. I want her remaining years to be happy and pain free. She is my child and the center of our world and I am thrilled with her progress. Keep up the good work!!

Patricia McCauley

I have the Neapolitan Mastiff, General, that was taking the Winstons Formula for a shoulder injury. Just an update to let ya know he is doing great with no sign of a limp or wiggle! He has been off the formula for about 11/2 to 2 months now. We went to our first show last weekend and he won best of breed puppy all three days of the show!! I am thinking of starting him back on the formula and use it as a maintence. As he is still growning so fast I want to keep those joints protected! He now stands 29" at the shoulder and weighs 150lbs!! Just turned a year old on November 17, 98.

I gave your Winstons formula info to another breeder who has neos and he wants to refer it to an owner of a puppy he knows that had a rear hip injury. I highly recommended your product and he can't wait to try it. I mailed him a copy of your info papers with your email address and phone number on it. So you should be hearing from him shortly. I will also be sending your information papers to a main Neo breeder who is also a vet, as I was told she is always looking for good things that help the joints especially that have worked on Neos! Thanks again for all your help and time and especially answering all my questions so well. And mostly for getting my General back up and running---literally!!

Kimberly J. Nunez

You can add us to what is probably a long list of more than satisfied customers. Kim Nunez got us a months supply and it worked wonderfully on our 155lb. Neo bitch. We would like to order a two months supply for her.

Fran Layton

Nickie is improving more and more each day, and I been only giving her 50% of the recommended dose a day. She plays more and is running a lot more with the new pup. I will start giving her the full set a day now. Please send me a 2 months supply.

Miriam Maure

I'm so pleased with Winston's Joint System. It's like a miracle in dogdom. My lab Ginger has been on the formula for only ten days, and she went from pulling herself around by her front legs, to walking small distances with me helping her up the steps, to walking kinda shaky on all fours, to today where she can walk across the yard without stopping to rest.

She is now walking easily on all four legs, a little stiff, but she is really coming along! I hope all the people in Florida know about this product; there are so many dogs here. Owners should really be informed about dear ole Winston's Joint System. I will definitely be in touch as she progresses. Lots of luck and thanks for the miracle.

Jan Whelpley

KC Lou is a Black Lab mix that we got from the Humane Society. She was diagnosed about five months ago with hip dysplasia and a luxated patella. The vet recommended two different operations (totaling $3,000) without suggesting that we try alternatives first. I learned about that, as well as about Winston's Joint System, on the Internet -- and we decided it was worth a try. (Not only do we NOT have that kind of money, we don't want to put KC Lou through any more than we have to, since she is a shelter dog.)

Anyway, she's been on Winston's for a couple months now and we've seen noticeable improvement in motions involving her hip and knee. She was having some trouble with steps and jumping, and now she hardly ever does. I don't like giving her aspirin very often, and the Winston's seems to keep that from being necessary. I am so glad to have found it, because KC is only 11/2 years old and it's sad to see her in pain. Thanks again for your generous offer. I really appreciate you caring like that for KC Lou (and so does she!). Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

Susan Orr

I would like to re-order a two months supply of Winston's Joint System for Astro, my 90 lb German Shepard. As an update: Astro is doing much better. He is still finishing the 50 day supply of Rimadyl I had on hand when he started Winston's. As you suggested, I will stop the Rimadyl when the supply runs out (about 15 more days). At that time he will be on Winston's solo and I am anxious to see results. So far so good! Thank you again.

Lou Filippelli

The joint formula is working great. George, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is not limping anymore and we will be taking him back to check the x-rays again in 2 months. We just finished the first four months. Thanks.

Jan Whelpley

Thank you so much for having a product like this available!! I had begun to notice that my 'active' 3 year old Rottie Archie was slowing down. He wasn't keeping up with his brother in their gallops around the yard. He also had a hard time switching from side to side when he was laying down. The vet had diagnosed him with moderate dysplaysia in the right hip. I tried looking many places to find something that would relieve his pain and allow him to run around like he used to. I found many different drugs and vitamin type supplements available.

As soon as I read about Winston's Joint System, I was amazed with all the good feedback. I decided to try it out and I noticed a difference within 3 weeks. Archie wanted to play more often and he wasn't having a hard time getting up or shifting from side to side! His condition requires surgery and I hope to continue using this formula to help with the healing process. I will give you an update after his surgery. Please send me another two month supply....Thanks!!!

Michelle, Bill, Archie & Roscoe

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