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Your Winston's Joint System is a miracle cure! Our 12 year old English Setter, Chief, was diagnosed with severe joint degeneration of the left elbow several years ago. We have been treating him with accupunture and glycoflex. Several months ago his condition worsed and we started him on Rimadyl and MSM. For a short while we saw some improvement. Six weeks ago his condition declined rapidly. He was in a great deal of pain and would not bear weight on his left front limb. He would cry out in pain and needed to be carried up and down all steps. We increased his accupunture to twice a week with only moderate results.

We tried him on a chewable shark cartilage treats, but he would not eat the treats. One day he would appear better and the next he would be three legged again. I took him in for radiographs and his veterinarian said his joint showed more degeneration. Even I could see that the joint space was completely obsured by bony growth. The vet forwarded the xrays to an orthopedic specialist. In the mean time, my husband and I were frantic with concern over our old dog. We called in our animal comunicator, Patty Summers, she spoke to Chief and he let her know he was in a great deal of pain but he was not ready to give up the fight. That evening I got on the internet and found your product. We ordered a 3 month supply immediately.

Meanwhile we continued with his medications and took up an active schedule of cold laser therapy and magnetic therapy. Our results were not remarkable. Winston's Joint System arrived April 18th, 1997. We immediately started Chief on the formula. Within 5 days we saw a slight improvement. By the 10th day Chief jumped into the Surburban and onto the bed, he even climbed the steps to my office. Both of these things the dog had not done in over 6 months. He continued feeling better each day and has begun to run around the yard with his 6 offspring. His runs are short and he is still not 100% sound but he bears full weight on his left leg and carries his tail high.

As of today, Chief has been on Winston's Joint System for a little over 3 weeks. This morning he jumped into bed at 6:00 am. After a hearty breakfast he was off to the surburban for a ride to the barn. At the barn he hopped out of the surburban and walked out to check fences and cattle with me. He even chased a fox down a short fence line. He returned a very happy but tired dog after his 30 minute romp. This afternoon I recieved a response from the orthopedic specialist. I quote from my Veterinarian's notes. " He suggested that arthrodesis is the best choice however not really 100 percent satisfactory but clients feel that post arthrodesing patient feels better. The other alternative is amputation .

Specialist will keep the rads unless clients do not plan to go see Specialist." Needless to say I called my veterinarian and asked her to have the radiographs returned to her office from the Specialist. We no longer would consider surgery. Our good friend and veterinary accupucturist/chiropractor, Dr. Steven Dill, is coming to the house to see Chief tommorrow. We are not even sure continued accupucture is necessary. Chief is getting along extremely well. I can't thank you enough for your product. I'm passing all your information along to Dr. Dill and my "medical" Veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Kicherer at the Madison Companion Animal Hospital. I will recommend your product to anyone who can benefit from it. Thank you for giving our wonderful old special " friend in a fur coat" another chance in life.

Lindy Sandford

My little dog Piper, a min pin, has a disc problem in her back. She was so bad that she couldn't even stand up. I had taken her for acupuncture treatments which helped a little, steroids and Rimadyl, which helped only for a couple of days. I even considered putting her down, but she is only 8 years old and has been my life all this time. You could say I was desperate. I started giving Piper Winston's Joint System on October 31, 1997. After the first week, she was standing and has more confidence in herself. This second week she is walking and wanting to play with me and my other dog Brody. Even if she doesn't get any better than this, it has been wonderful, but I can see her geting better and stronger with each passing day.

Karen Merritt

Simon has almost completed three full months on the formula. Other than a few days in October when he limped badly, he has done excellent. I feel that the limping at that time was due to a body slam by one of his kennel girls or because he stepped in a hole or something. Obviously, that foot is a weak point, but he improved in a few days and has done great ever since. Thanks for all your help!

Pat Woodfin

Sable seems to be doing very well on the formula. She has had knee surgery twice, with the most recent being done in January. The surgeon remarked that she now has very little arthritis in the knee from the first surgery and she also seems to be rebounding much quicker this time around. I believe that this is due to her being on the formula this time during the surgery and now in recovery. We both thank you. Please send me another months supply.

Todd Greenawald
Allentown, PA

This note is to tell you how happy I am with the improvement in my sixteen year old Beagle's arthritis since I started her on Winston's Joint System. Before Winston's, she was on cosequin and carprofen. She slept all day, and when she did try to walk, she limped severely due to the pain in her right shoulder. When I started her on Winston's, the first thing I noticed was that the limping was less. Now, it's gone, and she's awake a lot more of the time. She even runs a bit now--something she hasn't done in years. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.

Jay Taub
Fair Oaks, Ca.

I recently purchased a two month supply of Winston's Joint System, and within less than a week, my little poodle, Petey, was getting along much better, leading me on our walks again instead of limping along and lagging behind. His problem is shoulder and knee pain and stiffness. It is so wonderful to see him begin to be his little self again.

Billie Brown

I have a cairn terrier, age 8, who has a luxated patella.The only time I noticed a problem was after extreme running, and at that, he only would limp for a minute when he gets up. He also had a click when he walked. I've had him on Winston's Joint System for two months, and I've not seen any limping and the click seems to have gone away.

I have a friend who's dog is extremely arthritic, and I've gotten her to order it also to try. Thank you for a great product!

James Lunnie

We started our 12 year old collie, MacKenzie, on Winton's formula approximately one month ago. At that time, Macky was having considerable pain, and we were giving him two aspirins a day. On bad days we would switch to Rimadyl. Aspirin seems to help, and Rimadyl is even better, but it takes one to two days to kick in. Our vet diagnosed him with arthritis about two years ago. On good days he can still get up on the couch, but I have to carry him up the stairs each evening. It has been about six months since he could do the stairs.

Winston's seems to be helping! For the past week he has been off aspirin completely. He is walking very well. He still struggles with the couch, but he is able to get up on it most of the time. Yesterday, he thought long and hard but decided not to try the stairs. He had had a long day with three goldens visiting and his brother, a 7 year old collie, all running around having fun. I just ordered two more months supply. At this time I am cautiously optimistic.

Ed Bauer

Please send us another month supply of your formula. Our German Shepard Baron has had great results! Thank You.

David, Jane and Baron Laut

I have a female German shepherd who is now 1 year and 2 months old. Ever since she was 10 weeks old, she has been a very active dog. She loves to run, play, and chase animals. When Forest (that's her name) turned a year old, I noticed that she was having trouble walking. Her left hip seemed to be bothering her a great deal. We went to the Vet to see what was the problem. The Vet said that her hips grew too fast for the rest of her body. They "reassured" me that this is very common among German Shepherds. Well, this did not make me feel any better. The Vet advised me to walk her on a leash for the next 2 months and maybe this problem will go away.

This was very disturbing. For 2 weeks I walked Forest on a leash, gave her new food, and tried to keep her from jumping. I did not see a difference. My little girl, who loved to run at least 1-2 miles a day, was confined to walking on a leash. It was hard to see this happen at such a young age. I asked my friend who is a nutritionist about what I should do. She was not familiar with "hip" problems in dogs, but she said she would do some research. The next day she called me. She looked on the Internet and found something that she felt may be helpful. She told me about the Winston's Joint System. I called the number she gave me and talked with the gentleman about Forest and her hip problem. He told me a little about the product and the results that this product had on other dogs. I decided to try it.

Forest started the program April 4, 1998. 1 started to see an improvement in her ability to walk in just 1 week. Forest has been taking the formula for 2 months now. She is back to her active self again. No more walking her on a leash. She's running and playing once again. Forest has two cousins (a black lab and another German shepherd) that she runs with occasionally. She can outrun both of them. I am very pleased with the results the Winston's Joint System Winston's Joint System has had on Forest. I recommend this product to any owner who has a dog with the same kind of problem. Thank you for your help.

Elliot J. Poole

I've only tried Winston's Joint System for a month, but it is definitely helping my 13 year old German Shepherd who has severe hip dysplasia. She couldn't even stand up a month ago, and is now at least able to get in and out of the house by herself, instead of having to be carried out. I hope to see some more improvement, which is why I was concerned that my last re-order might have been delayed. I don't want her to be without it for any length of time, so that this terrific supplement will have every chance to help her.

Susan Baer

My dog's name is Sam. I resuced him from the pound and the vet says he is probably around 12 years old. He's partially deaf and has fewer teeth than he did as a pup. The arthritis in his hind legs was so severe that he could not jump on the couch. I used Winston's Joint System for a month and thought that he was improving, he could manage the couch. I went on vacation for a week and did not want the friend who was keeping him to struggle with giving him the pills. When I returned I noticed that he was limping again and not as frisky. So we are back on the formula again and he is doing great! Thanks for sharing this with all of us pet lovers out there that look for a holistic approach to pet health care. I would like to place an order for another two month supply.

Karen Leitch & Sam

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