Ed Rossman

Most dog owners seem to pick a favorite breed, and I am certainly no exception. I came to California, from Minnesota, where my favorite outdoor sport was duck and pheasant hunting. Naturally, I had a Labrador retriever. But, once I adjusted to California, it was difficult to find prime duck hunting areas near San Francisco, and when my Labs died I gave up hunting but still wanted a dog.

In January 1999 we visited the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show at the Cow Palace near San Francisco where we first learned about a Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs had the gentle personality of a Lab, but overall, a calmer dog and not requiring a large yard to run off their excess energy.

Baron is our 3rd male Bernese Mountain dog, and we bought him in February of 2010.

Baron in my arms, and his 140# father at the bottom of the photo.

Baron soon became a "beta" dog with our "alpha" Tibetian terrier.

At an age of about 5 months we noticed he had a limp, and was favoring his right front foot. At six months he got up like an old man and limped for a while. He seemed to recover in a short time, but still favored his right front paw.

Baron, favoring his right paw

I became alarmed when I "Googled" his symptoms and decided to take him to our Vet. After an X-Ray the vet thought he could possibly have osteochrondritus dissecans (OCD), which was the same bone problem I found through "Google". Some other problems, the vet mentioned, were ligament damage and osteoarthritis.

The next step was to set up an appointment at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic, and it was about a 4 month wait (December 10, 2010) before he could see a doctor, and nail down exactly what was going on.

Earlier, I had discovered the Winston's website, so I placed my first order figuring I had nothing to lose when I found out the costs of his medical exam at Davis would be about $5000.00. As they say, the rest was history.

About a month, after starting Winston's, we noticed a slight improvement in his limp. Three months later, his limp was gone. We cancelled his appointment at Davis.

We now take him on long walks each day in the El Sobrante hills where he meets and plays with other dogs chasing around the hills.

Ed Rossman



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