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Since ancient times, the dog has symbolized fidelity and companionship, the cold-nosed, tail-thumping definition of unconditional love. So when your trusty canine friend is suffering from a chronic, degenerative condition, you suffer, too.

Many of our favorite breeds are prone to congenital muscular-skeletal deformities, such as hip dysplasia and other conditions which severely compromise an animal’s quality of life. Beginning in 1990, we made it our mission to apply the most promising breakthroughs in treating human joint problems to similar problems in dogs. The result? Winston’s Joint System has literally touched thousands of lives, human and canine. This remarkable joint remedy has actually saved lives as well, restoring pain-free mobility to dogs which would otherwise have been euthanized by compassionate owners who could no longer bear to see their friends suffer.

Joint problems in dogs are conventionally treated with procedures which are invasive, traumatic, dangerous to the dog’s overall health, and, worst of all, often ineffective. A cortisone shot, for instance, is a common medical response to the crippling inflammation which accompanies joint disorders. The trouble is, the salutory effects of cortisone rarely last. In a few months, the pain is back, leaving the dog-lover with little alternative than to consider another cortisone shot. We call this the “whistling tea kettle” syndrome. True, the cortisone turns the flame down under the kettle for a while, just enough to keep it from whistling. But because the root problem is not resolved, the fire returns over time until you’re back to square one. And we all know that long-term drug use of any kind is dicey, due to significant side-effects and possible long-term damage.

Drawing upon our knowledge of naturopathic medicine, we knew there was another, better way. We developed Winston’s Joint System utilizing only premium ingredients which have been approved for human use, such as ETArol to repair and reverse damage to connective tissue, collagen, and bromelaine, or pineapple enzyme, which acts as a botanical anti-inflammatory. (We figure, if it’s good enough for you, it’s probably good enough for your dog). And we left out all of the things which aren’t good for you or your dog like sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, wheat, yeast, and milk derivatives.

Activity, exercise and movement are as important to your dog’s health as they are to yours. So while not every dog is frisbee championships material, Winston’s Joint System offers hope for many more walks, trots, cat-chases and other four-footed adventures.

Our commitment is to provide safe and highly effective pet products that help promote optimum health and longevity. Our pets are our family, and trust us to provide the same quality products we demand for ourselves. We won’t compromise.

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