Winston's Ingredients

Winston’s Joint System…
is a combination of safe, effective compounds. For decades they have been carefully processed for human use, and now they are combined into the most effective joint remedy we’ve ever seen — totally natural, whole food supplements, developed to treat human joint and bone disorders. Specifically, our compounds work synergistically to greatly reduce pain and inflammation. Theoretically, they build collagen and articular cartilage, strengthen ligaments and revitalize the joint-lubricating synovial fluid.

Part #1:
Boost The Joint Lube & Strengthen the Ligaments. The joint capsule is filled with synovial fluid, composed of nutrients which diffuse into the joint from the blood supply. It’s job is to lubricate the joint and prevent erosion of articular cartilage. Winston’s Joint System supplies components that could be critical to preventing free radicals and enzymes from white blood cells from attacking the articular cartilage. This is a collagen complex that supplies some of the raw materials needed for growth and repair

Part #2:
Cartilage and bone re-builder, without spurious deposits. Current medical literature contains much clinical evidence that ETArol™ is a tremendously effective treatment in many degenerative and inflammatory conditions. We use it to try and provide the building blocks required by the body to repair its own articular cartilage and reverse the deterioration of connective tissue. ETArol™ also strengthens ligaments for proper joint positioning while it keeps calcium in elemental form so that bone spurs don’t occur as hard deposits in the joint.

Part #3:
Down With Inflammation! Introduced for human consumption decades ago and recognized for its relief of arthritic symptoms, this formulation works particularly well in concert with the other compounds due to absorbability, digestive factors and synergistic effects. Based on bromelaine (pineapple enzyme) with lots of absorbable vitamin C which figures prominently in the biosynthesis of Type I collagen — the important structural protein that appears most often in connective tissue, bone and ligaments. This is a natural anti-inflammatory that can provide immediate relief without the harmful side-effects of steroid shots or other drugs.

Supplemental Massage:
Accupressure Massage Instructions: For hip dysplasia or other hindquarters problems, it helps to “switch on” the muscles in the hindquarters by slow, deep massage with your fingertips on both sides of your dog’s spine, along the last 3 or 4 vertebrae, all the way to the base of the tail. Massage firmly enough to get a reaction from your dog. Two minutes or so seems to make a big difference. Massage is a great way for you to connect with your dog too.

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