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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

How much exercise does your dog need in order to stay healthy and avoid dog pain? Humans need to exercise regularly and so do dogs. Exercise is just one of your dog’s basic needs.

Most dogs need one to two hours of exercise every day to help keep them healthy. Depending on your dog’s age and breed, it may need more or less exercise than that. If your dog is a senior, it may be content to lounge around on your floor or sofa all day long, and if you own an active, younger dog, you may find yourself going for walks 3 or 4 hours a day and your dog will still want more exercise.

Even within the same breed and age group, no two dogs are the same, so determining how much exercise your dog needs could take some trial and error. Start by giving your dog as much exercise as it wants without overdoing it. You may have to work up your own stamina to keep up with your dog if you’re not used to walking or jogging.

Beautiful weather should be inviting for both you and your dog to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But if it’s a very hot and humid day, avoid strenuous outdoor activities and be sure your dog has fresh, cool water at all times.

While walking , running, or playing, watch closely for signs of exhaustion in your dog such as heavy panting, wheezing, or any lameness in the legs – especially the rear legs if your dog has arthritis or hip dysplasia. Hopefully, if this is the case, you already have your dog on a regimen of Winston’s Joint System if it suffers from a debilitating joint disease like arthritis, hip dysplasia or OCD.

Exercising your dog offers many opportunities for training it to obey your commands. You can use the exercise time to teach your dog obedience and how to react when meeting other humans and animals.

Exercising your dog can entail many different activities including walking, running or hiking. Not only will your dog be getting its exercise but you’ll be getting a good workout at the same time. I have many friends who say they’ve managed to lose stubborn weight after adopting their dog and starting on a regular walking and running routine. If you have a large yard or access to a nearby dog park, you can play fetch with a ball or Frisbee which will give both of you a good workout.

Just how much exercise does your dog need? Start slow and work into a good routine that both you and your dog can handle and will be satisfied with. If you live in an area where it frequently rains in the summer, you may need to devise some indoor games on those days to give your dog some exercise. After a few months of regular activities, both you and your dog should be in better condition than you were before you began your exercise routine.


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