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Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan – Part 3

This is the third part of our 5-part series “Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan”, the true story of Wotan, a Golden Retriever suffering from hip dysplasia.

Wotan’s treatment with Winston’s Joint System continues and the results are amazing!

When I last wrote about hip dysplasia in a Golden Retriever, it was about my own beloved dog, Wotan, and I was really concerned about his hip problem and I was hoping that the recovery he had begun to show would continue. I’m happy to say that it has.

Last time I wrote about Wotan, he was starting to show improvement in his hip dysplasia after only one month on Winston’s Joint System. I am so happy to see him get up and walk around with ease again and a few times I’ve seen him get up so fast it looks like he levitated – this happens if I’m tempting him with one of his favorite treats in my hand. He does the resting and sleeping routine that all dogs are lucky enough to be able to enjoy, but when he’s ready to go, he’s really ready!

There’s no holding him back from his intended purpose, whether it’s time to eat, time to relief himself, or time to go for an adventurous walk. When he’s ready I’d better be ready, whether I want to be or not. Otherwise if he’s hungry he’s pushing at my leg and giving me that feed-me-right-now look or he’s standing at the door, dancing around, looking at me like ‘what are you doing – you know it’s time to go for a walk.

I have been faithfully giving him Winston’s Joint System once in the morning and once at dinnertime, just as the instructions indicate. He’s a big dog (85 pounds at the last vet visit) so he takes this formula once with his morning meal and again with his evening meal.

I also bought Winston’s Pain Formula at the same time I bought the Joint System, and for the last month, I have been also giving him the Pain Formula twice a day to help relieve the suffering he was going through.

I’ve now been able to cut back on giving him the Pain Formula and only give it to him if he seems to be having a little more difficulty on some days. His overall health has vastly improved. I know Winston’s Joint System isn’t some “miracle cure” but he sure has gotten better in all areas of his life, not just in his mobility and pain relief.

I believe that if Winston’s Joint System saved my dog, it can bring hope to your life too. The best solution I have found for hip dysplasia in a Golden Retriever is this formula.

Here I am writing about Wotan and I look down where he’s sitting patiently at my feet. He wags his tail and lifts his head in that regal way he has, and lifts a paw to me. I can imagine he’s thanking me for helping him get so much better, but then again, he may just be thinking “If I’m nice to him he’ll give me a couple of milkbones.

I hope to have a lot more good news to share with you as Wotan continues to regain his strength and fully recover from the ravages of his hip dysplasia. I’ve decided to buy a new video camera and make a short video of him so you can see for yourself how well he’s doing now that Winston’s Joint System has done so much to help him. Have some patience and you’ll have a chance to see my great big beautiful boy at his best.

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