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Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan – Part 2

This is the second part of our 5-part series “Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan”, the true story of Wotan, a Golden Retriever suffering from hip dysplasia.

First results after treating Wotan with Winston’s Joint System.

Hip dysplasia in a Golden Retriever is an all too common problem for aging Goldens –and sometimes for young dogs under two years of age. This is what happened to my Wotan too.

30 days later…

Now just one month after Wotan started treatment with Winston’s Joint System formula, he is a different dog altogether. I began giving him Winston’s formula the same day I received it.

I am thrilled to report that Wotan is definitely improving.

He can get up and down with far more ease than he could before he started taking the supplements. He no longer has to back out of a narrow space to exit but is able to make a U-turn and go back head-first the way he came.

He is so much more alert and back to his old ways of acting as if I haven’t fed him in days whenever he finds me in the kitchen. Food has once again become a real big deal in his daily life.

I feel like I have my old friend back again! We take a leisurely walk once a day now and when it’s time for breakfast and dinner (or even when it’s not time) he’s raring to chomp down on whatever I have in my hand that looks and smells like food. He seems ravenous enough to eat anything and everything I have in my refrigerator.

His eyes have cleared up and they once again have that beautiful brown ring surrounding the dark pupil that gives him that loving, sad look that Golden Retrievers are noted for.

He is acting more alert than he has been in more than a year!

What’s important to me is that he’s regaining the good health that he enjoyed for so many years before his hip dysplasia changed his life for the worse. He no longer collapses when he stands up or goes for walks.

He’s still a little hesitant sometimes about lying down and uses a little caution in settling down for a rest. Sort of like us when we’ve broken a bone or hurt ourselves and try to take it a little easy until we get used to being whole again. Hip pain in a Golden Retriever is a serious problem and is caused by hip dysplasia or arthritis.

I am so happy to see him get up and walk around with ease again and a few times I’ve seen him get up so fast it looks like he levitated – this usually happens if he spots one of his treats in my hand.

He sleeps and rests like all dogs do, but when he’s ready to go, he’s really ready! There’s no holding him back when it’s time to eat, relieve himself or embark on a nice little stroll. And I’d better be ready when he is or I get one of those “what’s the matter with you, mister” looks from him.

The Winston’s treatment continues

I am faithfully giving him Winston’s Joint System formula for his hip dysplasia, once in the morning and then again at his evening meal. I am careful to follow the instructions that came with the supplement. Since he’s a large dog he requires two tablets at each meal.

I also bought Winston’s Pain Formula at the same time I bought the Joint System and I give him one tablet of that each day, sometimes two a day if he looks like he’s suffering a little more that day.

His overall health is improving rapidly and I can see that he’s regaining his strength and mobility little by little.

I will keep you updated about Wotan’s progress and hopefully his continuing recovery from the pain and suffering he had endured for over a year before I discovered Winston’s Joint System formula. Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever was something I never anticipated.

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