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Dogs Are Miracles With Paws

How do I know I’m a lover of dogs? Because I truly believe that dogs are miracles with paws.

A dog’s nose in the palm of your hand can cure almost anything.

Dogs are made of love and fur.

Let your dog take you for a walk.

Some little known dog secrets: (dogs have no secrets!).

Dogs are like vanilla ice cream: it’s always a welcome treat.

Dogs are wise agents directly from Heaven.

If you had a tail wouldn’t you wag it?

There are no bad dogs; only bad owners.

Always be your dog’s best friend.

Dogs make great therapists.

Kiss your dog every chance you get.

Some dogs are just natural nappers.

Dogs invented unconditional love. And they never have a shortage of it.

Dogs are party animals!

God made dogs and spelled his own name backwards.

Apply dog logic to life” eat well, be loved, get petted, sleep a lot, dream of a leash-free world.



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