Susan Orr

KC Lou is a Black Lab mix that we got from the Humane Society. She was diagnosed about five months ago with hip dysplasia and a luxated patella. The vet recommended two different operations (totaling $3,000) without suggesting that we try alternatives first. I learned about that, as well as about Winston’s Joint Formula, on the Internet — and we decided it was worth a try. (Not only do we NOT have that kind of money, we don’t want to put KC Lou through any more than we have to, since she is a shelter dog.)

Anyway, she’s been on Winston’s for a couple months now and we’ve seen noticeable improvement in motions involving her hip and knee. She was having some trouble with steps and jumping, and now she hardly ever does. I don’t like giving her aspirin very often, and the Winston’s seems to keep that from being necessary. I am so glad to have found it, because KC is only 1½ years old and it’s sad to see her in pain.

Thanks again for your generous offer. I really appreciate you caring like that for KC Lou (and so does she!). Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

Susan Orr

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