Sue Lartz

I received Winston’s Formula very quickly (ordered Monday lunch time, received Wednesday). I would like to order an additional month’s supply now. I cannot believe how quick (I’m not sure I’m believing what I’m seeing yet, but I did not give him Rimadyl this morning… he has been on this drug for a couple of years and it has given him a great deal of relief but I know it is potentially dangerous.)

Yesterday evening Butch was running out in front and playing with my other dogs on our walk, he has not done this in I don’t remember how long. And he was just xrayed and shown to have many bone spurs in his left rear foot, and the vet suspected he probably had other bone spurs his other feet too.
I mentioned to the vet about your supplement, and he did seem sincere in wanting to know how I felt it was working. I will give Butch at least a month on the formula, just in case I am misreading these stark changes before I get back with him.

This morning he had no lameness in his front end (which he always has) or back end (he has second degree arthritis along with severe hip displaysia) and his tail is wagging. Now I’m afraid to run out of the supplements, I may be a bit of a “Doubting Thomas”, but he definitely is feeling better.
Thank you so much for offering this supplement, I’m hoping that it will continue to work well for my Butch.

Sue Lartz

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