Patricia Mcauley

I wanted to drop you a quick E-mail to let you know that I am amazed with the results of your Winston’s Formula. My black lab’s name is Retha, she is 12 years old and weighs between 70-75 lbs. We began your program in August of this year and in September she suffered a bout with Vestibular syndrome. Fortunately, she has made about a 95% recovery from that situation. I continued your formula while nursing her back to health and have also continued her Rymadyl all through this. She is now as or more mischievous than she was as a pup. We have 3 stairs she must negotiate to get to our backyard.

Before, she would simply not go. Now, she bounds down the stairs with us to the yard so as not to miss a party. Additionally, her coat is as soft and beautiful as any fine mink coat you could purchase. I am so happy I found you on the internet. I want her remaining years to be happy and pain free. She is my child and the center of our world and I am thrilled with her progress. Keep up the good work!!

Patricia McCauley

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for your wonderful Winston’s Formula. Retha continues to do very well on it. Also, I did a dumb thing and waited until the last minute to send for a refill. This will not happen again as I want no down time between refills.

Patricia Mcauley

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