Michelle, Bill, Archie & Roscoe

Thank you so much for having a product like this available!!

I had begun to notice that my ‘active’ 3 year old Rottie Archie was slowing down. He wasn’t keeping up with his brother in their gallops around the yard. He also had a hard time switching from side to side when he was laying down. The vet had diagnosed him with moderate dysplaysia in the right hip.

I tried looking many places to find something that would relieve his pain and allow him to run around like he used to. I found many different drugs and vitamin type supplements available. As soon as I read about Winston’s Joint Formula, I was amazed with all the good feedback. I decided to try it out and I noticed a difference within 3 weeks. Archie wanted to play more often and he wasn’t having a hard time getting up or shifting from side to side!

His condition requires surgery and I hope to continue using this formula to help with the healing process. I will give you an update after his surgery. Please send me another two month supply….Thanks!!!

Michelle, Bill, Archie & Roscoe

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