Liz Dundov

I wanted to give you a status on my dog on your Winston’s Formula. I have an 8½ year old Alaskan Malamute (90 lbs.) that was diagnosed with hip displaysia at 3 yrs. old (showed up on an x-ray along with minor arthritis, also). She is now doing very well showing minimal signs of the problem. I started her, about 6 months ago, on Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosomine. I had her on aspirin for about a month and a half. I started her on your stuff on two months ago and took her off the aspirin 2 weeks into the treatment. I took her off of the other supplements when I started her on Winston’s.

The most visible sign I experienced with her was last year. She jumped into our Tahoe just fine when we left the house. Took her to a hike and bike trail and walked her 4 miles. She had trouble jumping back in after the walk and seemed a bit stiff. When I helped her by pushing on her back end, she yelped as her hips were obviously sore.

After being on Winston’s for about 6 weeks (and no aspirin) I just walked her on that trail again. Again, she had no problem getting into the truck at the house. After the walk, she didn’t seem very stiff and her first attempt at jumping into the truck, she missed, but she had a lot more energy about it. I let her try again, and without helping her, she got right in! If she continues like this, I feel real good about the fact that she may never have full blown hip displaysia, or at least not until she is very old. At 8½, she still is like a puppy! I would like to order another month’s supply.

Liz Dundov

Just thought I’d give you an update on Juno, our Alaskan Malamute, 90 lbs. She is still doing well. As I had told you, she did not show any severe signs of hip dysplasia, even thought she was diagnosed at 3½ and she will be nine in Jan. However, we wanted to start her on the formula at this age, so she continues to do well. We had her on another 4 mile walk and afterwards, she leaped into the back of our Tahoe, with absolutely no hesitation or problem.

Recently, I was throwing the tennis ball for her and she kept running after it for about 10-15 throws. Keep in mind, Malamutes don’t do “catch” for very long… they typically get bored after about 5-10 chases! She will usually just stop and walk away… like… “you get it”! However, the fact that she kept running after it showed me that her hips certainly weren’t bothering her at all. When she stopped chasing it, it was totally from boredom because she ran back to give it to me. Starting at the beginning of this month, we cut her to every other day, and she still seems to be doing great. She has not been on aspirin since we started your formula, so there is nothing masking any pain she might be having.
Liz Dundov

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