Lindy Sanford

Your Winston’s Joint Formula is a miracle cure! Our 12 year old English Setter, Chief, was diagnosed with severe joint degeneration of the left elbow several years ago. We have been treating him with accupunture and glycoflex. Several months ago his condition worsed and we started him on Rimadyl and MSM. For a short while we saw some improvement. Six weeks ago his condition declined rapidly. He was in a great deal of pain and would not bear weight on his left front limb. He would cry out in pain and needed to be carried up and down all steps. We increased his accupunture to twice a week with only moderate results.

We tried him on a chewable shark cartilage treats, but he would not eat the treats. One day he would appear better and the next he would be three legged again. I took him in for radiographs and his veterinarian said his joint showed more degeneration. Even I could see that the joint space was completely obsured by bony growth. The vet forwarded the xrays to an orthopedic specialist. In the mean time, my husband and I were frantic with concern over our old dog. We called in our animal comunicator, Patty Summers, she spoke to Chief and he let her know he was in a great deal of pain but he was not ready to give up the fight. That evening I got on the internet and found your product. We ordered a 3 month supply immediately.

Meanwhile we continued with his medications and took up an active schedule of cold laser therapy and magnetic therapy. Our results were not remarkable. Winston’s formula arrived April 18th, 1997. We immediately started Chief on the formula. Within 5 days we saw a slight improvement. By the 10th day Chief jumped into the Surburban and onto the bed, he even climbed the steps to my office. Both of these things the dog had not done in over 6 months. He continued feeling better each day and has begun to run around the yard with his 6 offspring. His runs are short and he is still not 100% sound but he bears full weight on his left leg and carries his tail high.

As of today, Chief has been on Winston’s formula for a little over 3 weeks. This morning he jumped into bed at 6:00 am. After a hearty breakfast he was off to the surburban for a ride to the barn. At the barn he hopped out of the surburban and walked out to check fences and cattle with me. He even chased a fox down a short fence line. He returned a very happy but tired dog after his 30 minute romp. This afternoon I recieved a response from the orthopedic specialist. I quote from my Veterinarian’s notes. ” He suggested that arthrodesis is the best choice however not really 100 percent satisfactory but clients feel that post arthrodesing patient feels better.

The other alternative is amputation . Specialist will keep the rads unless clients do not plan to go see Specialist.” Needless to say I called my veterinarian and asked her to have the radiographs returned to her office from the Specialist. We no longer would consider surgery.

Our good friend and veterinary accupucturist/chiropractor, Dr. Steven Dill, is coming to the house to see Chief tommorrow. We are not even sure continued accupucture is necessary. Chief is getting along extremely well. I can’t thank you enough for your product. I’m passing all your information along to Dr. Dill and my “medical” Veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Kicherer at the Madison Companion Animal Hospital. I will recommend your product to anyone who can benefit from it. Thank you for giving our wonderful old special ” friend in a fur coat” another chance in life.

Lindy Sanford

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