Kimberly J. Nunez

I have the Neapolitan Mastiff, General, that was taking the Winstons Formula for a shoulder injury. Just an update to let ya know he is doing great with no sign of a limp or wiggle! He has been off the formula for about 1½ to 2 months now. We went to our first show last weekend and he won best of breed puppy all three days of the show!!
I am thinking of starting him back on the formula and use it as a maintence. As he is still growning so fast I want to keep those joints protected! He now stands 29″ at the shoulder and weighs 150lbs!! Just turned a year old on November 17, 98.

I gave your Winstons formula info to another breeder who has neos and he wants to refer it to an owner of a puppy he knows that had a rear hip injury. I highly recommended your product and he can’t wait to try it. I mailed him a copy of your info papers with your email address and phone number on it. So you should be hearing from him shortly.
I will also be sending your information papers to a main Neo breeder who is also a vet, as I was told she is always looking for good things that help the joints especially that have worked on Neos!

Thanks again for all your help and time and especially answering all my questions so well. And mostly for getting my General back up and running—literally!!
Kimberly J. Nunez

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