Kathie Anderson

Please enter my re-order for a 2-month supply of Winston’s Joint Formula.

My dog is a 65-pound mixed breed retriever. She has been on WJF for 4-6 months for hip dysplasia and it has made a remarkable difference. In fact, I’m thinking her progress lulled me into thinking she was well. I didn’t reorder when the last supply ran out, being in the middle of a move. I thought I would get Skye started again once we were well-settled. In the three weeks, however, she has chewed two huge hot spots into her hip and tail areas. She doesn’t have fleas, and I couldn’t figure out why she kept chewing at her hip area. Now it has occurred to me – confirmed by research at alternative vet sites on the web today – that she may be in pain and that is her way of trying to get at it. Her temperament is such that she would bear it without complaint.

Obviously, I want to get her back on WJF as soon as possible, and I’m giving her ibuprofen for any pain. I assume that is better than putting her back on Rimadyl. She is limber and moves without apparent pain since starting on WJF, but something is bothering her.

Kathie Anderson

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