Karen Merritt

My little dog Piper, a min pin, has a disc problem in her back. She was so bad that she couldn’t even stand up. I had taken her for acupuncture treatments which helped a little, steroids and Rimadyl, which helped only for a couple of days. I even considered putting her down, but she is only 8 years old and has been my life all this time.

You could say I was desperate. I started giving Piper Winston’s Formula on October 31, 1997. After the first week, she was standing and has more confidence in herself. This second week she is walking and wanting to play with me and my other dog Brody. Even if she doesn’t get any better than this, it has been wonderful, but I can see her geting better and stronger with each passing day.

Karen Merritt

Please send a 2 months supply of Winston’s Formula. Piper is doing so much better… it is remarkable. She is almost like her old self!

Thank You so much.

Karen Merritt

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