Janey Dean

A few years ago (3, I think), I noticed that Caiman had been slowing down considerably. He would drag behind us when he and our other canine companion, Betsey, and I would go outside. I asked our doctor if she could tell me why. She told me that Caiman has a medially luxating patella in his left hind leg. He could have orthopedic surgery for it, but it might not work because it is being complicated by arthritis. Oh boy. What could I do for Caiman? He was having trouble jumping up on the bed and going up and down the stairs. He would snap at me when I would brush him near the leg.

I gave him yucca, because I read that that can help with arthritis, but that didn’t help much. I looked up on the web and found a link to Winston’s Formula. Bingo! I sent away for it immediately.

In two weeks, Caiman started wrestling with Betsey again and playing with his favorite toys, fetching with newfound vigor and agility! He was showing of his rekindled ability to jump up and snuggle with me on the couch or bed. Up and down, up and down…with a big smile. The hair on his tail is all bushy again and his eyes have lost that filminess they were beginning to develop. Now he is into his second month with Winston’s formula and he is running and jumping like he did about 5 years ago.

Thank you so much for Winston’s Formula. I am recommending it to everyone who can benefit from it.

Janey Dean

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