Jan Whelpley

I’m so pleased with Winston’s Formula. It’s like a miracle in dogdom. My lab Ginger has been on the formula for only ten days, and she went from pulling herself around by her front legs, to walking small distances with me helping her up the steps, to walking kinda shaky on all fours, to today where she can walk across the yard without stopping to rest. She is now walking easily on all four legs, a little stiff, but she is really coming along!

I hope all the people in Florida know about this product; there are so many dogs here. Owners should really be informed about dear ole Winston’s Formula.
I will definitely be in touch as she progresses. Lots of luck and thanks for the miracle.
Jan Whelpley

Please send me another order. My lab is doing great now, I will send you a letter soon on her miraculous progress. Sure glad it worked, I was so upset when she let out a yelp and went down it looked like for good. Thanks again for your wonderful Winstons formula.

Jan Whelpley

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