Elliot J. Poole

I have a female German shepherd who is now 1 year and 2 months old. Ever since she was 10 weeks old, she has been a very active dog. She loves to run, play, and chase animals. When Forest (that’s her name) turned a year old, I noticed that she was having trouble walking. Her left hip seemed to be bothering her a great deal. We went to the Vet to see what was the problem. The Vet said that her hips grew too fast for the rest of her body. They “reassured” me that this is very common among German Shepherds. Well, this did not make me feel any better. The Vet advised me to walk her on a leash for the next 2 months and maybe this problem will go away. This was very disturbing.

For 2 weeks I walked Forest on a leash, gave her new food, and tried to keep her from jumping. I did not see a difference. My little girl, who loved to run at least 1-2 miles a day, was confined to walking on a leash. It was hard to see this happen at such a young age.

I asked my friend who is a nutritionist about what I should do. She was not familiar with “hip” problems in dogs, but she said she would do some research. The next day she called me. She looked on the Internet and found something that she felt may be helpful. She told me about the Winston’s Joint Formula. I called the number she gave me and talked with the gentleman about Forest and her hip problem. He told me a little about the product and the results that this product had on other dogs. I decided to try it.

Forest started the program April 4, 1998. 1 started to see an improvement in her ability to walk in just 1 week. Forest has been taking the formula for 2 months now. She is back to her active self again. No more walking her on a leash. She’s running and playing once again. Forest has two cousins (a black lab and another German shepherd) that she runs with occasionally. She can outrun both of them.

I am very pleased with the results the Winston’s Joint Formula has had on Forest. I recommend this product to any owner who has a dog with the same kind of problem. Thank you for your help

Elliot J. Poole

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