Ed Bauer

We started our 12 year old collie, MacKenzie, on Winston’s formula approximately one month ago. At that time, Macky was having considerable pain, and we were giving him two aspirins a day. On bad days we would switch to Rimadyl. Aspirin seems to help, and Rimadyl is even better, but it takes one to two days to kick in. Our vet diagnosed him with arthritis about two years ago. On good days he can still get up on the couch, but I have to carry him up the stairs each evening. It has been about six months since he could do the stairs.

Winston’s seems to be helping! For the past week he has been off aspirin completely. He is walking very well. He still struggles with the couch, but he is able to get up on it most of the time. Yesterday, he thought long and hard but decided not to try the stairs. He had had a long day with three goldens visiting and his brother, a 7 year old collie, all running around having fun.

I just ordered two more months supply. At this time I am cautiously optimistic.

Ed Bauer

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