Darelle Coupland

My 10-year-old beagle, Bernie, was diagnosed as having a compressed lumbar disk on May 23, 1998. It could not be determined if it was an acute problem or a chronic degenerative one. Bernie could not use his hind legs and was in extreme pain. He was treated in the veterinary hospital with three days of steroids in large doses to bring down the swelling around his spinal cord. We were told there was no other treatment available, other than surgery which was not warranted until his condition worsened in the future. We were also told that Bernie could relapse at any time, or he could improve, and there was nothing that could be done but wait.

With this uncertain prognosis, I began to search the Internet for information about disk problems in dogs, and came upon Winston’s Joint Formula. At this point I felt there was nothing to lose by trying it, so I immediately ordered a three-month supply. In short, Bernie began to show slow steady improvement in using his hind legs. In approximately one month he was able to walk again and after two months you could not tell he ever had a problem! He is now running and playing entirely without pain or restriction.

We are convinced that without Winston’s Joint Formula he would not have fully recovered. It has now been four months since starting Bernie on the formula, and he will remain on a maintenance dose indefinitely.

Also of interest is that for about one year Bernie had conjunctivitis that no medication would clear up. We noted immediate improvement in this as soon as he was started on the Formula, and there has been no recurrence since!

We have recently started another beagle, Bonnie, on Winston’s Joint Formula. She had to have repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her right hind leg. It’s still too soon to tell, but we are very hopeful about her prognosis on this Formula.

I believe that Winston’s Joint Formula could be a valuable adjunct to veterinary medicine, not replacing veterinary care, but enhancing it.

Viewing Winston’s Joint Formula, or any other natural supplement, as a threat to the practice of veterinary medicine is ludicrous. The benefits of nutritional supplements are now widely accepted in the treatment of human disease–why not in animals?

Darelle Coupland
Pearblossom, CA

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