Angie & Jerry Kellner

Thank you so much for Winston’s Joint Formula. Our 9 year old poodle Rosie started having problems with her right shoulder (kept slipping out of joint) in late October 1998. By Christmas she was walking around on three legs 100% of the time. An orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery to correct her problem with a 70% chance of success and no guarantee that the same problem would not occur again.

Rosie also lost most of her body hair when she was two years old. Our veterinarian suspected and discovered that she did have a thyroid problem, however, after taking thyroxin for the last 6 or 7 years her thyroid level is normal but she’s still bald. Since mid May 1999 she has been on Winston’s Joint Formula. She is now walking and running on all fours about 95% of the time, she is also more active and about a week and a half after starting the formula her hair started growing back.

We will keep you posted on her progress.
Thank you again
Angie & Jerry Kellner

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