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Orthopedic Braces And Mobility Aids
Orthopedic Braces And Mobility Aids


Indications for use of our Mobility Aids:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip, wrist or ankle pain/limping
  • Joint pain, strain, weakness
  • Muscle sprain/weakness
  • Decreased endurance during activity
  • Mild to moderate hip dysplasia
  • Low back pain/weakness
  • Back leg limping or fatigue
  • Recovering from injury or post-operative support
  • Puppies, senior or handicapped dogs



All dogs both young and old can benefit from using Ortho Dog mobility aids to help restore pain-free activity. The braces offer stability and support which helps decrease pain and inflammation when the dog is active. It is especially useful for disabled, handicapped senior, arthritic, and injured or recovering pets. It is also useful for younger dogs prone to developing hip dysplasia or joint problems. These new innovative products are made of high quality neoprene and webbing, and so can be used by pets in any environment. Your pet can go anywhere you would enjoy taking them: the beach, in the snow, along the lake or creek, hiking up trails, in the fields to play, the backyard playing ball or just taking a walk.


Our Ortho Dog braces were developed out of our love of dogs and our desire to help dogs walk, run, play and hike without limping or pain. We love dogs!

Hip Hound Brace Hip Hound Brace
The Ortho Dog Hip Hound brace is designed for dogs who suffer from arthritis, mild to moderate hip dysplasia, decreased endurance during activity, hip pain, low back pain or weakness and back leg limping.
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Hock Holder Hock Holder
The hock joint is on the dog's back leg below the knee and corresponds to the ankle on a human. We designed this brace to fit the natural angle of the hock to prevent it from hyper extending. The neoprene wrap also supports the joint medially and laterally allowing your canine friend to move easily and without strain on the joint.
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Wrist Wrap Wrist Wrap
The Ortho Dog Wrist Wrap was the original inspiration for the Ortho Dog products. The Wrist Wrap, fitted securely, stabilizes your dog's forearm bones and lends support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg.
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