Best Organic Dog Foods

Increasingly more pet owners are searching for the best organic dog foods to feed their pets; foods that will provide their dog with quality nutrients without chemical additives. Some pet food companies are now meeting those needs by including high quality ingredients in their dog foods. Buying organic dog food isn’t as easy as buying […]

A Houseful of Dogs

A houseful of dogs is a bit of heaven for some people and a huge pain for others. Maybe one dog just isn’t enough for you. Having one dog is great, but having more than one can be marvelous! However, the challenges are numerous and a multi-dog home can have you pulling your hair out […]


A DOG’S DAILY DIARY:My Favorite Things When it comes to the simple pleasures of enjoying whatever life hands us, I thought you might enjoy reading this wonderful excerpt written by Warren Eckstein. It sure sums up a typical day for my dog! 7:00 am – Breakfast! My favorite thing! 8:00 am –A walk around the […]

Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

Lung and breast cancers are the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide. Obviously, early detection of these cancers is desperately needed. In a new scientific study, researchers have presented surprising new evidence that dogs may be able to detect early cancers in humans. The study was published a few years ago in the March 2006 […]

Eat Your Heart Out, Imelda Marcos!

So, you think you have a hot collection of shoes my dear? Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos! Wait til you see my shoes. See my sexy booties! Bet you don’t have anything like these. My master ordered them for me because I kept slipping on our slick floors. This didn’t used to be a […]

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