Eat Your Heart Out, Imelda Marcos!

So, you think you have a hot collection of shoes my dear? Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos! Wait til you see my shoes.

See my sexy booties! Bet you don’t have anything like these. My master ordered them for me because I kept slipping on our slick floors. This didn’t used to be a problem but since I’ve grown a little long in the tooth (I’m now 13 years old) my traction is not as good as it used to be. I like the booties because I don’t slip on the floors anymore, but also because the colors go well with my other accessories like my Canine Cooler Bed. The silver reflective strips on my booties are a good safety feature for my evening walks and I like the way they make me look snazzy.

Take a close look at my left rear foot. Not only am I sporting my new booties, but I decided to try on one of my master’s house slippers when he wasn’t home. But I fell asleep while I still had it on and he caught me in the act and took this embarrassing picture. I meant to take it off before he got home so he’d never know but I became oh-so tired, and fell asleep before I could take it off. It’s hard to stay awake when I’m lying on my comfortable Canine Cooler Bed. It’s so soft and soothing that sometimes I can get my master to lie down on the bed beside me and pet me. I’m really good at getting him to pet me whenever I want. If he stops before I’m satisfied I just have to raise a paw towards him and he continues petting me. I have him so well trained!

My master says all his friends think he put the slipper on my foot and then took a picture. Well, I swear on a stack of milkbones (large stack, please) that I found the slipper myself and tried it on. I wasn’t able to walk with it on but I did try to take a few steps before passing out.

So this is my challenge to you, Imelda – if you think you have a pair of shoes that are sexier than my blue booties, send me a picture (just the shoes please, I don’t need to see you wearing them!) and I’ll be the judge.

And here’s another challenge: if any other dogs out there think they have booties that are hotter than mine, I dare you to send me an email with a picture of you wearing them. If I should agree that your booties are hotter and sexier than mine, I’ll have my master post your picture in an upcoming blog. But be forewarned – I’m a harsher judge than Simon Cowell used to be on American Idol.

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