Dogs and Monsters on Halloween

The sight of kids dressed as monsters on Halloween can be a scary sight to smaller children. Some bigger brothers and sisters like to scare the pants off their younger siblings with scary stories of dogs and monsters. Stories like this one: The old woman lived alone in a small, rustic log cabin, deep in […]

Classic Tails Vol. 2 – Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Classic Tails Vol. 2 – Shakespeare’s Macbeth revised for dog lovers. Macbeth was a Scottish general who was loyal to Duncan, the Scottish Terrier who was the king. But after Macbeth met three witches who prophesied that Macbeth would be king, Macbeth was no longer satisfied to remain loyal to Duncan. Macbeth and his wife […]

Wotan Plunders the Petco Store

Yesterday I took Wotan with me because he enjoys riding in the car and he especially loves shopping with me, sniffing everything in the stores, from the products to the customers. I figured we’d both have a good time wandering the aisles of Petco but I had no idea of what was in store for […]

Eat Your Heart Out, Imelda Marcos!

So, you think you have a hot collection of shoes my dear? Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos! Wait til you see my shoes. See my sexy booties! Bet you don’t have anything like these. My master ordered them for me because I kept slipping on our slick floors. This didn’t used to be a […]

Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan – Part 3

This is the third part of our 5-part series “Hip Dysplasia in a Golden Retriever named Wotan”, the true story of Wotan, a Golden Retriever suffering from hip dysplasia.   Wotan’s treatment with Winston’s Joint System continues and the results are amazing!   ⇒ Part 1 ⇒ Part 2 When I last wrote about hip […]

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