How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Reading your dog’s body language is not that difficult and is central to understanding your dog. Dogs are non-verbal; their body language does the talking for them and vocalization takes second place in their communication skills. As a dog owner you can learn the basic forms of your dog’s body language by spending a little […]

Choose a Terrier as a Pet

If you are a person considering adopting a terrier as a pet you may have asked yourself the question "which terrier is right for me." Choosing a terrier as a pet can sometimes be difficult since there are many breeds of Terriers, with each one having distinctive attributes and natures specific to their breed. Terriers [...]

Hip Dysplasia in a Lhasa Apso

It may surprise some people that hip dysplasia can occur in a breed so small. Most hip dysplasia and arthritis problems happen to larger breeds. The fact is, that hip dysplasia in a Lhasa Apso is not so rare after all. Lhasa Apsos Lhasa Apsos make perfect pets for seniors who are retired, couch potatoes, […]

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