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Alternative Health Treatments For Dogs

Many people are using alternative health treatments for their dogs after discovering that some alternative treatments have helped them. It may come as a surprise that almost every alternative therapy used to treat humans is also being used to treat dogs.

A dog owner can now experiment with alternative therapies in order to find gentler treatments for unhealthy ailments in their pets. Acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, and massage are all being used to ease pain from incapacitating diseases that strike a beloved pet.

Many different therapies fall under the label of alternative medicine which can also be called holistic medicine. Many of these therapies have a common belief that all aspects of a dog’s life need to be considered, not just the symptoms.

Some of the most popular alternative health treatments for dogs are:

* Homeopathy which is a natural form of treatment that acts as the body’s impetus to produce its own healing response using very diluted substances that cause the same symptoms the dog is suffering from. A dog suffering from continual diarrhea would be given small amounts of a substance that causes diarrhea.

* Body massage which can lower the level of stress hormones in a dog’s body, while increasing circulation and easing pain.

* Chiropractic care for dogs uses the same technique of hands-on spinal adjustments as humans seek to relieve their own pain.

* Herbal treatments use plant therapies to treat a variety of disorders. One of the most common herbs used is alfalfa to treat arthritis and allergies. Winston’s Joint System is a perfect solution to treat dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or OCD.

* Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into specific areas on your dog’s body to balance the flow of energy, or chi. This is an ancient Chinese practice often used to limit pain and help cure chronic ailments.

* Nutritional supplements are used to make up for nutritional deficits in a dog’s diet by providing needed extra vitamins and minerals.You might want to try Winston’s Joint  System. It is proven to be safe and harmless for all breeds of dogs.

Some vets don’t like alternative health treatments for dogs since most of these therapies haven’t been scientifically proven to be effective in treating animals. That doesn’t mean these alternative treatments are not effective; it’s just that they haven’t been tested and proven in studies. There are many veterinarians who believe in an alternative approach to treating animals, so if you are considering any of these treatments for your dog, look for a vet who practices holistic medicine and alternative therapies along with conventional methods of treatment.

If you choose a practitioner other than a licensed vet to administer any of these therapies, make sure they’re licensed or certified by a respectable organization that governs the type of therapy you’re considering. For instance, chiropractic work on your dog should be performed by a practitioner certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Your dog won’t be harmed by simple massage but giving incorrect dosages of potent herbs or supplements could be harmful or deadly to your dog. Because a substance is natural does not mean it is harmless.

So be careful when trying one of these alternative health treatments on your dog.


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