Why Choose a Golden Retriever as a Pet

If you choose a Golden Retriever as a pet you’ll have a devoted companion for life.

Whenever possible Golden Retrievers prefer being with their human. They don’t like to be left alone or in a back yard away from people, and they love to go as many places as possible with you and share in your daily activities, after all you are their world.

Some dogs are content with an occasional pat on the head and a brief expression of endearment. Not a Golden; they demand the maximum dosage, they bask in attention, soak in as much as possible, and keep asking for more.

Size: Golden Retrievers are considered medium size dogs. Males range between 23” – 24” at the shoulder and weigh between 75-95 pounds. Females range from 21” – 22” and usually weigh 55-75 pounds. Their very active tails are best known for knocking things off coffee tables.

Exercise: Golden Retrievers require constant, hard exercise to allow them to become the calm house pets most owners expect. A fenced-in yard and daily walks are highly recommended. I like to take my beautiful Golden on long walks when the weather permits. In the summer it’s just too hot here in the desert (triple digit temperatures) to take long walks so we shorten the times and try to go out early morning and evening.

Shedding: Golden Retrievers have long, beautiful coats that shed at least twice a year; the keywords here are – “at least” – my Golden seems to shed about four times a year. And when he does shed there’s enough hair to make 10 beautiful blonde wigs! Regular brushing and professional grooming can keep the amount of hair lost to a minimum; however, you will always find their hair on your furniture, rugs, clothing, and sometimes even in your food!

Health/ Care: Most breeds are prone to certain problems. Although Golden Retrievers have only a few, it’s best you know the worst: Golden Retrievers may develop skin allergies, dry coats, and as they grow older, hip dysplasia or arthritis. Eye problems are also quite common as they age. When my Golden has skin problems I use Pet Solutions Rx, an all-natural, non-toxic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal agent that promotes rapid healing of his skin. He frequently gets a fungal infection in the heat of the desert and after a bath he still needs something to treat the infection. That’s why I use Pet Solution Rx. It’s like “first aid” in a bottle. It can quickly be used to reduce bleeding of minor wounds, decrease pain, swelling and itching. It promotes rapid healing and helps to minimize scarring.

Training: Basic obedience training is absolutely necessary unless you want your Golden to set the rules around your house. And forget about your Golden being your guard dog; any training for this purpose will be a waste of time. They may growl and bark defensively but the bottom line is that they would just as soon get petted or accept some tasty treats from a burglar than be concerned about protecting your TV or stereo!

Time: Golden Retrievers are “people” dogs. They thrive on attention and need to be with, around and near humans. If you’re considering a Golden Retriever as a pet, please consider your lifestyle and how busy your schedule is. Do you have time to give the love and attention to a Golden Retriever’s needs? Can you handle finding hair all over your furniture and clothes (even though it’s generally a beautiful soft, golden or reddish hue)?

If you have lots of love to give and the capacity to accept more love than you can possibly give, having a Golden Retriever as a pet will add more joy to your life than you could imagine.