Healthy Skin Shiny Coat

Healthy Skin Shiny Coat


Helps relieve itchy skin and restores luster to a dull coat

If you have a dog who is constantly itching, scratching or prone to allergies you've probably already tried topical solutions. But shampoos and sprays can't address the underlying cause of the irritation. Healthy Skin Shiny Coat is an all natural detoxifier that works with your dog's liver, kidneys and lymphatic system to elliminate toxins that can develop in your dog's system. This toxicity can trigger allergies and itching.
Because dogs don't perspire like humans do (through our skin) they have a hard time getting rid of accumulated toxins. Itching is often the first sign of this accumulation. And if you have a dog that is constantly itching, scratching and uncomfortable you're witnessing an outword manifestation of an internal problem. Healthy Skin Shiny Coat is a perfect complement for topical solutions like anti-itch shampoo's and conditioners.

Put a few drops in his mouth (if he'll let you) or on a treat or as a last resort in his water and the all natural formula goes straight to work. Over time you will see a reduction of skin problems, a decrease in itching and a general improvement in overall health.

The root of the problem
Modern processed food, poor feeding patterns and insufficient exercise are the primary causes of toxicity in a modern dogs system. (Not surprisingly these are the same reasons you and I accumulate toxins in our bodies)

This concentrated elixir was formulated exclusively for happytails by Robert McDowell, the world's leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems.

Healthy Skin Shiny Coat
  • Great for dogs with allergies and, itching problems
  • Helps improve coat texture and health
  • Safe, all natural and very gentle
  • Improves overall health by detoxifying your dogs system

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Healthy Skin Shiny Coat
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