Canine Cooler Beds

Canine Cooler Beds


The Canine Cooler dog bed uses SoothSoft Comfort Technology to give your dog comfort that is second to none. The fluid-enhanced design offers a dry, lasting cooling effect, combined with a superior cushioning support. No refrigeration is necessary; SoothSoft Comfort Technology works at room temperature.

Canine Cooler is a dog bed that will help keep your dog content year-round. It is non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof*, and easy to clean. Fleas hate the cool environment but dogs love it.

The Canine Cooler is puncture proof, non-toxic, and completely maintenance free! Other pet beds allow fleas to burrow and lay eggs, but the smooth surface of the Canine Cooler is easily wiped clean. The Canine Cooler's outer membrane is 20 mil thick - tough enough to park a truck on and not pop! In fact, we guarantee the bed against claw puncture for two years. As tough as this
NON-TOXIC membrane is, however, it will not harm your dog
should the bed be chewed by accident.*

Canine Cooler Features:
• Activates with water, no electricity needed
• Cold therapy soothes inflammation and painful joints
• Non-toxic, safe for the environment
• Useful for a variety of therapeutic applications

It is preferable to place the bed on a hard surface like tile, cement, or linoleum rather than carpet. Take precaution against placing the bed on wood floors, carpet or any other surface that could be damaged by water.

When filled with water, the bed weighs around 4 pounds, so it is not recommended that the bed be moved from place to place.

Please note that the Extra Large Canine Cooler Bed comes in two pieces – A Medium and a Large size bed that are put together.

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Canine Cooler Beds
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