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Snuggling in a special blanket

My Teddy is going to be eleven years old in April and he is still looking so goooood!!!! Thanks to all of you at Winston’s for keeping him happy and healthy.

Kathy Gailey


Wish you could experience this little creature's character. She's an amazing personality. Wise, sweet, funny ol soul. 100% laid back and 100% loving (all with humor).

I think the main thing that Winston's Pain Formula has done has made her more energetic - probably because she's not feeling much pain like before.

Bean @ 16 Years and 5 Months

Rigby guarding the kitchen

Rigby guarding the kitchen.

Blaze the dog on the river in New York

Blaze tubing alone in Upstate New York last summer! He loves the water!

Snuggling in a special blanket

I put a special fluffy blanket on my bed and let Morgan and Maddie snuggle while I drink my espresso and check my email on my laptop.