Pain Relief

Winston's Joint System

Is your pet becoming less active, less playful, or desiring shorter walks? These could be early signs of OCD, Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia. As the progression continues some signs become more serious and are sad to see:

Moving more slowly
Difficulty getting up
Weight shift to another leg
Personality change
Reluctant to walk, jump or play
Refuses using stairs or car
  Change in appetite
Change in behavior
Muscle atrophy
Lagging behind
Yelping when touched

We can help...

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Winston's Pain Formula
The most powerful natural pain relief product on the market today. Fast acting and highly effective for both dogs and cats. Works exceptionally well along with Winston's Joint System to help your dog recover much faster. Each bottle contains 120 chewable tabs.
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Oral Hyaluronic Acid for both dogs and cats.

Eliminate your pet's joint pain and let them enjoy the other anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid:

Increased mobility; Softer, healthier coat and skin; Faster wound healing; Clearer vision, healthier eyes.
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Canine Cooler Beds
The Canine Cooler Bed uses revolutionary SoothSoft Technology to give your dog the very best in comfort. The fluid-enhanced design offers a dry, cooling effect with superior cushioning and support.

Perfect for dogs that are always hot or panting (which means year-round in your 78-80 degree home). While we think every dog should have a Canine Cooler, it is especially good for dogs with canine arthritis, calluses, thick coats, excess weight, Cushings Disease, hygromas, short muzzles, or dogs who are old, very large, sleep on hard floors, are recovering from surgery or illness.

The Canine Cooler bed is maintenance free and easily wiped clean. Fleas cannot burrow or lay eggs in this bed. The bed has a two year warranty, which is not offered with any other foam/fabric type bed.

You love your dog and want to keep him happy and healthy. The Canine Cooler Bed gives your pooch a constant cool spot in summer, relief from furnace and fireplace heat in winter, and cushiony support for vulnerable joints all year.

The Canine Cooler is an excellent antidote. Use it indoors, outside (away from direct sunlight), and in the crate for traveling. Eases heat discomfort, joint problems, skin disorders, hip problems and more.

Canine Cooler Bed

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Dog Owner's Home Vet Handbook (Hardcover)
With all new and updated material, including new photos and drawings, this is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, up-to-date dog care book available anywhere! Helps you handle problems at home and know when a vet is needed.
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